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Hate that I love you

And I’m not talking about Rihanna’s song…
Imagine yourself in A’s shoes:

A and B have known each other for a long time and were deeply in love. They were getting married. The invitation cards have been sent out and everything is in place. They’ve done the wedding photos as well. All that was left was the wedding itself.
Now, a few days before the wedding, A and A’s fiancé B were on their way home from celebrating A’s birthday. B was driving. It was raining heavily and it was dark. Suddenly, a person C appeared right in front of the car and B very nearly ran C over. (Keep in mind that you are A and both B and C are of the opposite sex than you.) B managed to slow down but C was still knocked down although the impact was not strong.

“C was still knocked down although the impact was not strong”
Furious that C should appear in the middle of the road like that, B went out of the car to scold C who was sitting in front of the car, still in shock. Being the nice person A was, A went out of the car to check if C was alright. C was just too stricken to do anything and allowed A to help. While B continued to scold C, A assisted C to the shoulder of the road. Suddenly, while A was busy making sure that C was not seriously hurt, B in turn gets knock down by a truck, and dies.

A was in agony of losing B and blamed C for B’s death.
Needless to say that A hated C then. A was in agony of losing B and blamed C for B’s death. Now C, feeling partly responsible, went to B’s funeral to show respect and wished condolences to A but A was determined that C killed B and would never forgive C for it. But C was equally determined to make up for it and get A’s forgiveness.

God forbid that one should ever be in such a situation (as A, B or C) but some rhetoric questions:
If you were in A’s shoes, would you ever find it possible to forgive C?

If C was sincerely looking to obtain your forgiveness, would you forgive C?

“I HATE you!”
If over time, C remained persistent and you got to know C better, would you forgive C?

I hate you!”
If say, after a long time, losing B hurt less and C turned out to be a really nice person, would you forgive C?

“I hate you.”

Would it be possible that you could end up falling in love with C?

“I hate that I love you…”

I know the scenario above is really extreme but you have to admit, sometimes our emotions can be as extreme.
Think about it…
I have been watching this Thai series titled “Roy Adit Hang Ruk” and that scenario (and pics) above are from that series. 🙂 The series has me hooked cos it really explores the most popular, most unexplainable and most extreme human emotions: Love and Hate (also, the main actors Bie (as A) and Mew (as C) look really good together. And Bie is sOoOooOOoo CUTE! 😉 ) and it really makes me wonder…
“Hate that I love you”. What does that phrase actually mean?
A) I hate you but I love you
B) I hate myself because I love you
C) I love you because I hate you
D) I love and hate you at the same time
E) I hate you therefore I love you
F) I love you but I want to hate you
G) I love you when I should hate you thus I hate myself and still love you
H) I love you regardless that I hate you
I) I love to hate you
J) I hate to love you
K) All of the above
L) None of the above (please state your definition in the comments)

5 thoughts on “Hate that I love you

  1. with so many definitions of ‘i love you’, i guess now i could agree to the statement that XX is complicated…
    I find saying things with the intentions other than its true meaning is just confusing and making things complicated.
    I thought u said u didn’t have any comment? 😉 Yup, complicated. So complicated I don’t understand what you’re saying except “complicated”. LOL!

  2. This is deep. 😛
    It is? Well, the series is over and A and C got married… 🙂
    Welcome to PIMP! And do drop by again ya… 😀

  3. Jodoh. Oredi ditakdirkan a x kawin b, and if ditakdirkan, how hate also between a and c, one day also become love. Jodoh mar dah datang belum? LOL!
    Nicely summed up! Yea,gez its all abt jodoh, destiny, fate, faith..Me?Not even close..Heh. Pray 4 me as u wud 4 ur daughter,so that a nice guy will come along ya.. 🙂

  4. I was a little bit confuse at first. B mad at C, and B died… Then A mad at C… Wahhh very confuse!
    Anyway, to me, hate that I love you means I hate myself for loving you… Because you’ve altered my ego, and I can’t believe that I am now in love with someone that I hate, may be… 😉
    Yeah.. The topic is quite deep. 🙁
    Yea,that cud be what it means.All up to personal intrepretation. 🙂 But basically,who are we to question fate huh? Gez STP has it pretty well summed up up there.
    Btw,welcnme bck! 🙂

  5. wah .. drama ni .. drama .. ha ha
    Memang pun drama… 😉

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