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He saw me standing there…

As most of you probably already know, I was in Sibu last weekend until Monday and despite the short visit, STP managed to hunt me down.
Know what STP? When I knew you were looking for me, I had a mental picture that you would be wearing a yellow T-shirt so when you were, I immediately spotted you a mile away. Haha. Btw, is yellow your fave colour? I somehow reckon it is. ;)
Anyways, I must admit that I was surprised that you have a deep voice (I once told Cibol or Bong that deep voice is sexy…err…hahaha) and that you smoked. Other than that, you lived up to be the friendly giant image in your blog. :D LOL! It was nice to meet you too.
That said, I have a bone to pick with you.
“I told you to go out through the back entrance of Delta Mall and just cross the road, and you’ll get to e-cafe! I dunno how u followed directions and ended up at Chopsticks!”
Well, let me clarify.
Your directions were kinda vague considering:
1) There are so many cafes around that area – Music la, Yes la, Soon Hock la, Chopsticks la, etc etc etc.
2) The cafe in question is surrounded by at least 2 other cafes.
3) And this is the main one: It doesn’t even have a signboard OUTSIDE the building where it is visible!!! Only a small sign above the cafe entrance that is only visible with a microscope!
We were looking up and down for a sign that SCREAMS “e-cafe”, how were we supposed to see such un-strategically placed and miniscule sign?
So yeah, I rest my case. ;)
I finally found the place by trudging through all the cafes in the vicinity, walking past tables and tables of hungry people and THEN only managed to get a glimpse of that small and obscure sign. Yeesh.

(For illustration purposes only.)

For all the trouble, I sure hope the Laksa lives up to its reputation cos I plan to try it the next time I’m in town. :)

2 thoughts on “He saw me standing there…

  1. A poor workman blames his tools! Hahahahahaha!!!…Welcome to Sibu! In one shopblock alone you may find at least two or three cafes/coffee shops! Nope…yellow is not my fave colour. I don’t have any fave colour. I just buy any clothes when they’ve got my size…never mind if they’re ugly or in some strange colours! Poor me! Looking for clothes, even harder than looking for e-cafe! ROTFLMAO!!!
    P.S.: Bong’s voice where got deep leh? Eyew… Hahahahaha!
    I didn’t say his voice or Cibol’s deep (is Cibol’s voice deep meh?) just that I mentioned to one of them (or both?) that deep voice=sexy.

  2. You can go and see this post of mine:
    Aiyah, NOW only tell me…wakakaka. K, next time I’m there we go mamam laksa! 😉

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