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Hello from Kuching…

Yes folks.

I am in Kuching. 😀

I arrived this evening around 7pm…making it more than a month since I left Kuching

And yet while it feels like its been ages I’ve been away…it also feels like I never left

That’s how you feel when you go “home”…regardless how long (or not) you’ve been gone…it just feels…right.

(For the record, I feel that way about where the family stays in Brunei too since I grew up there, but that sense of “belongingness” at where I stay – NOT quite. Nevermind. I’m on hols so I’m not gonna think about that.)

Anyways, interesting thing about my flight just now. Being an AirAsia flight, while everyone was “queueing” to enter the gate, guess who should be on the same flight as me?

An ex-colleague.

Haha…it was totally unexpected. 😉

She resigned earlier than I did and I didn’t know where she went after that.

We never really talked when we were working at the Firm but thrown together in this scenario, we made pretty good conversations… 😉

Basically, the topics were:

Where we work now?

How is our new work?

Know what’s happening at our old Firm?

Know who’s the latest to resign there?

Wonder when the old Firm’s gonna “gulung tikar”?

Trust me. The last one’s a valid question.

Since I resigned, not 1…not 2…not 3…but 4 have left the Firm…and I heard maybe the 5th is going to submit her resignation this week. Yes, eventhough I’ve resigned, I still keep in touch with my ex-colleagues and I still talk about work. 😉

Also, speaking of work, TOMORROW will mark my ONE month working at my new Firm (I started on 15th Sept) – but is it fair to say I’ve been there one MONTH when I’m already on leave beginning today? Hehehe…Screw technicalities. LOL! 😀 Again, I’m on hols so no more talk about work…

For now, I’ll just focus on the followings:

Tomorrow – flight from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu

The Next Day – flight from Kota Kinabalu to the Philippines

20/10 – Back to Kota Kinabalu from the Philippines

21/10 – Back in Kuching from Kota Kinabalu

So I’ll probably not be updating until I’m back in Kuching. 🙂

So, until then, take care y’all…and hope you enjoy this song:

According to the youtube info, this lady Vina Morales, here singing “Pangako Sayo”, is the champion of the 1st IKON ASEAN, which truthfully, I know not of. Heh. Power vocals I must say.

Just getting into the mood bah people…kekeke…

P.S. What’s a MUST-GO-TO place and MUST-DO thing when in the Philippines huh? Hmmm…

2 thoughts on “Hello from Kuching…

  1. Wah.. busy…
    In the Philiphine, go to Greenville.. Its sort of Jalan Petaling, but in a mall.. and while there, get me the adidas shoes..hehehe..
    Greenville? I don’t know where that is but from your description, that sounds like Tutuban Mall – el cheapo stuff there!!! 😉

  2. Hehe happy holiday mar! 🙂
    Thanks dear…back in Kch nw. Hehe.

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