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A New Blog, A New Beginning…

I was…
Could not get hold of a reliable internet access.
Was in between blogs and couldn’t do much actually cos of the two reasons above…
I am…

Actually, I just got the job. The interview was last week, I got the job the next day. I “report for duty” this Monday…

Have internet access!!!!

My bro just got a 3G phone and we connect that to the laptop and we’re online! How cool is dat?! Hey,it may not be the speediest connection…but it is reliable. (I’d like to think so…)

Have a new blog!!!!

Arch and Bong kept urging me to move to WordPress…well,here I am guys! =)

BTW,you guys promised WordPress will be a lot better and user-friendly…I sure hope so…For the meantime,I’m still finding my way around and tweaking things here and there so…bear with me.

From last week, things seemed to have moved up a notch huh?
The Perfect Life? – Maybe…

5 thoughts on “A New Blog, A New Beginning…

  1. welcome to the world of wordpress my dear. need some assistance? he he he .. guess what? I’m in miri now. bored .. and i’m still awake at 5:00 AM.

    Especially on how to not have to moderate comments?
    I want comments to automatically appear here without my needing to approve them…but can’t find how to do that….

  3. check in your dashboard, look under options>discussion then do as necessary 🙂 then you can also check under comments, for you to manage the comments. by default you don’t need to approve comments in order for them to appear. unless when you set up your blog, you selected the option that you want to moderate the comments 1st 🙂 enjoy your new blog! 😀
    p/s: 3g phone, you using what package? make sure you register for the unlimited data package if not the charges will kill you!

  4. mar, go to dashboard and then go to option section. after that, click discussion options.there you will see an option for “before a comment appears” .. unclick “An administrator must always approve the comment”
    hope that help. let me know if you got any probs.

  5. Yeah guys…thanks!
    That problem is settled dy.

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