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Here's my heart.

Want to know how I feel about you?
Do you REALLY wanna know???

Then click here.
P/S – It’s already the 2nd week of August people…so for those I tagged, I just wanted to give you a gentle nudge. *NUDGE!!!* :p (Dear Arch, the smileys aren’t working for me! Pfft!)

8 thoughts on “Here's my heart.

  1. wow.. thanks. hehe..

  2. Sangat comel la that flash.. 😛

  3. it’s kinda ugly .. :p

  4. ha ha ha .. very The Ugly …

  5. Hahahaha…amazing how the girls found it cute and the guys the exact opposite…:) Proof we ARE from different planets. LOL.
    Regardless, everyone’s welcome…:)
    …and I really like that song. (1st I heard it was in Toy Story…hehehe..)

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