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Hi! I'm…

Malevolent Abomination of Rage

Mechanical Artificial Replicant

Minx Administering Recreation

which is short for…

Mechanical Artificial Replicant Generated for Repair and Efficient Troubleshooting


Minx Administering Rapturous Gratification and Rousing, Erotic Touches


P.S. – I was told in more ways than one that the previous layout was “data overloaded”. So how’s this one? And any suggestions for the name? The BLOG name…I’m perfectly happy with MY name. ;p

6 thoughts on “Hi! I'm…

  1. this one a lot better. about the name, ermm .. I think it’s the best for a blog to be named by the writer. more personal touch ma .. but if you want suggestions, let me see ..
    1. mellon collie and the infinite sadness – suggested to bongkersz
    2. heaven sent – I dunno why, I just like that name
    3. down on the upside – I think this is pretty cool
    🙂 that’s all I have as for now. have a blessed Sunday!

  2. “a lot better”…not exactly dripping “GREAT!!! AWESOME!!!” sentiments…but I can live with that I guess…is it better than the ORIGINAL “girl in green” layout at least???
    mellon collie…doncha mean “melancholy”?
    heaven sent…nice…
    down on the upside…wat’s that suppose to mean?
    Thanks for the suggestions…will keep em in mind.

  3. it’s melancholy, but make it different bit la mellon and collie

  4. Maybe I should just name my blog with the meaning of MY full name above huh? Hahahahaha…

  5. what my blog have to do with infinite sadness… haha! down on the upside kinda cool.. cliche.. bwahhaha! eh heaven sent… a band name no? heard it somewhere…..

  6. Cliche…really? Never came across that before….Oh yea! Heaven Sent DOES sound like a band’s name…

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