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Hiatus much…

This will be brief:
Sorry I’ve not posted anything for like 3 weeks dy…
There are more than a few reasons (which I can hopefully post up soon…)
Mainly being:
1. My convocation weekend
2. My after-convo weekend burn-out
3. My Gawai weekend
4. My after-Gawai aftermath
And currently, as Arch has mentioned, I am nursing an injured foot (not leg)…”Not that serious”…(Certainly hope not!)…but then again, I am wearing a cast and using crutches…so…(-_~)”
Wish me the speediest of recovery people…Keep me in your prayers!

4 thoughts on “Hiatus much…

  1. oh ya .. speedy recovery .. why everybody is in HIATUS –

    cibol, u want in hiatus too? hee hee…

  3. dun wan la ..

  4. […] {June 27, 2007}   This time last month… Remember me mentioning (before my blog became totally silent for about 3 weeks?) about my convocation around the end of last month and the big plans I had in store for the few […]

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