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Home(less) for Christmas

A number of significant events have unfolded after my last post…Yes, we were unprepared for the day my dad retired. But we were even more unprepared for the events that followed…

Looking back, it was foolish of us to hope against hope that my dad’s former employer would have the heart to reconsider their decision, given how my dad had been a loyal employee. And it was equally foolish of us to expect to at least be given a reasonable time period in which to slowly move from the house.

But last Monday, when they paid my dad his final salary (and yes, salary has always been consistently late), did they tell us that we were required to move – that very Wednesday! Not only was it NOT reasonable, it was completely heartless of them to treat my dad that way…especially after him slaving for them for 35years!!! They even called my dad up on Tuesday asking why we have not moved! We were literally evicted and thrown into the streets – imagine if I did not currently have a place all to myself that the family can move into!!! Even as I’m typing this a week after the event, my blood is boiling…
By God’s providence and the help of God-sent friends, did I manage to find a rental pick-up within such short notice. Unfortunately, in the rush, we never got a chance to properly say goodbye to our home for the past 18 years…the move-in was rushed, and even now the dust hasn’t fully settled yet and the family is struggling to adapt to life in the city. Judging by how they’ve been having daytrips back to where we used to live most days eversince (even now as I’m typing this, they’re on the way back from there), they haven’t quite come to terms with things…

Home is where the heart is…and the family’s heart is still in Seria…which is why, crazy and illogical as it is, they’re insisting that we celebrate Christmas Eve (mass is at 11.30pm!) and Christmas Day (mass is at 9am!) there. By the time we return on the wee hours of Christmas Day, we’ll have to go back again…Home-less for Christmas… :S

And the family is not even complete – 1 bro is still in Seria, staying with friends, absolutely unliking the idea of staying here in Bandar. :/ In consolation, at least we’re all still in the same country and although far, it is still reachable…Praise the Lord for sending me to work here 2 years ago…
And I thank God that inspite of this trying time, at least we still have a roof over our heads…

Where do you hang your stocking
in your little cardboard home
which you have insulated
with some discarded foam?

Even if you had a chance
and it was given you for free
where underneath your bridge
would you put your Christmas tree?

How does it feel to hold your
“will work for food” sign
as most people drive by
to go home where they dine?

Do you wonder at the people
and think it is so odd
they ignore your desperation
while arguing about God?

Do you know you’re like Jesus
and he was just like you?
There is no room in the inn
so he was homeless too.

– Larry R. Linville

Come to think of it, this might be the closest feeling to Christmas the family would ever experience – very close to feeling what Joseph and Mary must have felt, that first Christmas, when there is no room for them at any Inn…

2 thoughts on “Home(less) for Christmas

  1. hey..everything will be fine..thanks God you were sent there 2years ago 🙂

    1. Yup, He’s awesome like that! <3

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