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I plead guilty…

To having too much fun over the weekend…
Despite not being able to make it on Friday night as I was working on Saturday morning, I made it to the highly-anticipated YCU Family Day cum Reunion. (YCU – Young Catholic Undergraduates) I admit, I was more than a little anxious at joining. I was afraid that no one remembered me.
Imagine…3 years has passed (and for some even more than that!) since I last saw those from my batch…and the seniors, well…I think I last saw them about 4-6 years ago! Plus, I wasn’t exactly one of the “big guns” back in the day as I only joined in my final year so the chances of them remembering me were next to none.
But I went anyways and I did not regret it. In fact, I can’t ever imagine how much I would have hated myself and regretted it my whole life if I didn’t go!
The moment I arrived, Young approached me and greeted me at the car door (I almost didn’t recognize him, he looked different – in a very good way – then I last remembered) and then Fabian gave me a warm embrace that almost moved me to tears immediately. The last time I saw him was when our cars were side by side at the traffic light some 3 years ago…
And then other farmiliar faces turned up and regardless whether they immediately remembered me or needed me to jog their memories a bit, I didn’t mind much because those who have been close enough to me back in the day remembered me immediately. And some I was guilty of not remembering remembered me – that was just flattering. Plus, a few said I’ve lost weight since long2 ago…That’s just awesome! 🙂 And I also got to really get to know my seniors whom I never really got to know years ago…I got a second chance at making that first impression…
In short, it was just sweet sweet memories that weekend…and we also got to make new friends with those that NOW make up the “U” in YCU (whereas we are the ex-YCUs)…
I won’t type much cos what I felt over that brief weekend was just too overwhelming to put into words…so I’ll just post some of the pics I have. Not a lot cos I didn’t bring any camera. (I’m waiting for sources to get the rest of the pics.)
So here’s the pics that I do have:

So yes, I plead guilty to having too much fun over the weekend.
And I am hereby sentenced to a stroke of cough and flu.
But you know what? It was totally worth it! 🙂
P/S: My hiatus has been postponed till end of this month.

7 thoughts on “I plead guilty…

  1. Quote: few said I’ve lost weight since long2 ago…That’s just awesome!
    Y’know I like it when people say this!

  2. Wow!!! I dont know that you lost weight?? How many kgs? Sorry la.. I can’t meet you back in Kch. I got test on Sunday morning. But I really glad that you can make it. If I was there.. I will greet you with red carpet (hahaha) Grand entrance.. :).. P/s Baju Fabian sik tukar.. recycle ya.. Basi

  3. Nono, yea..especially when it’s unexpected! LOL.
    Walter,hahaha…I also don’t know I lost weight.Hahaha…Ya,too bad I missed you that day…sayanglah red carpet terlepas…isk. Hope we can meet some other time then. 🙂 And I’m really glad I went too! Hahaha…ala,side A side B bah. LOL.

  4. Unexpected?? Hahha. Yes, when in the real life you’re actually puttin couple of kilos. lol!
    Marg, you look like a small-size type of girl la. Y’know, I thought you’re matured-typed one… Huahaha!

  5. Haha…unexpected cos I never knew I was losing weight and I certainly never knew that I was “bigger” years ago…To me,I’ve always been “me”. LOL. Then again,I’m not the type that constantly checks out how much I gain/lose after eating/exercising…hehe…
    Umm…Nono, elaborate what u mean by “small-size” and “matured-typed”..?Hehe…

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