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I speak. I type. But different.

Recently, when I “revealed” my intention of learning to jiang hua yu (speak mandarin), I was sms-ing with Arch and he asked whether May and I communcate in Iban or English…and that in turned brought about the realisation that I’m not the only one with this whole “split-communication-identity” thingy…
What was that you ask?
Well, basically, a “split-communcation-identity” (or SCI for short) is when you communicate with the same person in a different way, specifically in a different language, depending on the “scenario” at that time…
For instance, my brother and I grew up in an Iban-speaking household. Our parents speak to us in our mother tongue. And yet, at some point in our lives, we (my brother and I) developed this SCI and we now speak English – in fact,I don’t even remember if we ever spoke in Iban!
There was this one time when I went out with my brother and his friend. After noticing that we siblings spoke in English, he point-blank asked me: “You don’t know how to speak Iban issit?”
Other SCIs:
When I communicate via email, or sms, or any digital type of communication I tend to use English with certain people, like May, Arch, Bong, etc. But when I see them in person or call over the phone I tend to speak Iban or English or both.
May and I are friends since high school. We spoke Iban back then. And then came the revoultion of emails and sms…and we started using English. Until today, everytime we email/sms we use English, but in person, we still use Iban.
I knew Bong firstly through his blog in which English is the language of communication. And then when I met him in person for the first time, I was inclined to speak English. Instead, he answered me in Iban. So we ended up using a lil of both. Hehe.
And then Arch…I talked to him once before but I forgot what language we used. But it was much later that we actually got to know each other (also digitally through blogs and sms) and we used English. And then recently when I called him during Ops FuYoh Hrs, he spoke to me in English.
Long story short, we’re all multilingual.
And totally have split-communcation-identity. ;p

29 thoughts on “I speak. I type. But different.

  1. hey there, thanks for dropping by my blog… and haha… why is everyone so happy to see kennysia… i guess he is quite a symbol for kuching ppl eh?
    hmmm… how does iban sounds like? have never heard any native language before, being a typical city boy i am…
    hope to see ya around…

  2. Hey…thanks for dropping by here! =)
    Well,being a celeb blogger,he does make his readers excited to see him in person I guess.
    You pretty much a cleb too.=)
    Iban not really hard to understand actually.It’s like Bahasa in a way.
    Ask Bong…he speak perfect Iban.

  3. Bongkersz speaks 14 languages .. Iban , lahanan , punan, kenyah, kadazan, dusun .. name it except for chinese … ha ha ha

  4. cheebuy.. it’s not true ok. i only speak hokkien. bwahahahahahaha! cibol speak to you in english? 😛 hehehee..

  5. Yea…I actually point-blank asked him:
    “Why you speaking english?”
    Then he hesitates and says “dunno”.
    Bwahahaha…he mention before he get yankee accent when nervous…he didn’t admit it but he was nervous when I called…bwahaha…

  6. heh.. he always put up that accent without knowing when talking in english 😛 another ang mo wanna be.. shiet you cibol.. shiet.. haparak england boy.

  7. hehe…why ah cibol?wats wit d accent?
    i rmbr 1st time he came by css last time use that texas drawl accent…haha

  8. he mengorat using the accent.. i think 😀

  9. got meh? ok la .. next time i be more ah beng like la ..

  10. Bong,if dats why he does it he may be onto something…
    I find his accent…rather sexy. ;p
    (U know how girls are with accents maa…)
    Arch,ah beng like?U oledi sound ah beng like…just got additional accent a bit. Hehe.

  11. oh .. let’s change it then .. damn .. ha ha ha

  12. oh really? so i got accents not ? 😀

  13. Hw shld i knw u got accent or not?
    Who ask u not to pick up d phone when I called?
    Speaking of which,who wants to be in Ops FuYoh Hrs 2?
    That’s this weekend…=)
    I will only call certain ppl only this time.;p

  14. what?? we spoke before what.. no necessary just in phone then can detect got accent not mar.. weird you 😛 😛 😛
    p/s: truth is i don’t like talking on the phone. 😀

  15. me too .. i like sms .. ha ha ha … i can think before i type and can reset what i’ve type also .. shyyyyyy

  16. Bong,IN PERSON a lot more to notice maa…but if on d phone, really listen so can really detect lah…accent ka…slang ka…slur ka…blur ka…;p
    Arch,shyyyyyy ha?
    Both of you,
    Liddat no need to put u in my call plan for FuYoh Hrs 2 tonite loh…;p

  17. more to notice? That’s interesting? So my question, what you had noticed? Sekian terima kasih.

  18. Ha ha ha .. she can see thru u dude .. see to the real u .. he he he

  19. Bong,hehe…that info is PNC dude,Personal N Confidential.LOL.
    Arch, the real him dat bad meh? Bwahahaha…no cuka cuka ah bong…;-p

  20. the real me.. is so dark and sinister that you can never fathom hahahahahaha!

  21. Haha…Darth Vader la konon?
    Bad bad oso still got good inside,even Vader became Anakin again before he died in Luke’s arm…I dunno lah if u see Star Wars…hehe,do u?

  22. no i don’t bwahahahahaha!

  23. hmmm…ok. hehe,arch,U watch Star Wars? Zewt? No need ask May cos I know ur reply…hehe

  24. u know me better =)

  25. star wars? i hate space movies .. stoopid .. never really like em but amidala is CUTE!

  26. M,I know what you did last December…haha…
    Arch,I’ll let that slide…but Star Wars is NOT stoopid…other space movies are.Hehe…and yet you use “Empire Strike Back” and “May the Force be with you” in ur blog…only those who like Star Wars can use that.Sekian terimakasih.

  27. oh apa tiru stail ni. sekian terima kasih

  28. Haha…u lah…bring that virus into my blog.Sekian terimakasih.

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