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I will follow You…FUYOH!

In Malaysia, as we are well aware, there are three mobile operators – Celcom, Digi and Maxis. And we all know that the three are very competitive and provide all kinds of packages, deals, promos, freebies and what-not to “up” the competitor. Each one has its own pros/cons in comparison…
And while there is competition between the telcos themselves (which you can read here so I’m not gonna blog about that), there’s also the pros and cons of the packages/deals/plans provided within the telcos themselves.
So I did a lil market survey inter-telco, specifically, comparison between Digi’s prepaid plans…and more importantly (for me) their sms rates…
You guys wanted to know the result, so here it is:
SMS rates:-

Plan 1 – Beyond
1cts for 6 Digi Friends &  Family (FnF) numbers
7cts for Digi non-FnFs
15cts for other operators (Celcom/Maxis)
20cts for International SMS

Plan 2 – Powerpack
Same as Beyond except:
FREE unlimited sms to 6 Digi FnFs

Plan 3: FUYOH
1cts for 6 Digi Friends &  Family (FnF) numbers
7cts for ALL OTHER NUMBERS (Digi non-FnFs, Celcom, Maxis)
20cts for International SMS

Since I am more concerned over sms rates, I don’t know how the call rates are…
But I’ll just list out what I do know…
Call rates:-

Plan 1 – Beyond
15cts to 6 Digi Friends &  Family (FnF) numbers
48cts (or 38cts) for other operators (Celcom/Maxis)

Plan 2 – Powerpack
(according to Arch)
18cts to 6 Digi FnFs
28cts to Digi non-FnFs
48cts (or 38cts) for other operators (Celcom/Maxis)

Plan 3: FUYOH
48cts (or 38cts) for other operators (Celcom/Maxis)

Plan 4 – FnF Plus
(details here a bit fuzzy but I think it’s…)
15cts to 6 Digi FnFs plus 2 add-on FnF numbers from other operators (Celcom/Maxis)

I was using Beyond without any subscription fee, but now I’m using FUYOH that has a subscription fee of RM3/mth. At least it’s not like Powerpack (subscription fee RM5/mth!)…but then again, each plan has its pros/cons.

In summary…
Use Beyond for OK rates if sms/calling equally important to you. Important: NO monthly fee!
Use Powerpack if you ALWAYS sms only 6 FnFs. Calling, however, even to FnFs, slightly more expensive.
Use FUYOH if you ALWAYS sms to any number (FnF or not, Digi or other operators) cos with 1cts for FnF and 7cts for everyone else, that’s like everyone’s a Digi subscriber (based on the normal sms rate for Digi non-FnFs)

Again, not much info I can offer for FnFPlus…
I ALWAYS sms (and not restricted to FnFs either) so with FUYOH, I can sms anybody for 7cts! That’s the lowest sms rate among all three telcos so far…
So, I guess FUYOH is the plan for me…Hehe.
I changed my plan to FUYOH about a month ago…the 7cts/sms is cool (I looked up my statement online and there was nothing incorrect about that…hehe)…problem is, when I changed my plan, all my current FnF numbers were deleted so I had to re-register my FnF list to send sms at 1cts. Unfortunately,I DIDN’T KNOW THAT until a few days ago…
So I had been un-knowingly charged 7cts for sms-es which I thought were charged 1cts. Crap!
But that’s fixed now…=)
P/S-Did I get any info wrong? Did I miss something? Or do you wanna add something? Pls feel free to comment.

33 thoughts on “I will follow You…FUYOH!

  1. I’m actually not very sure about the rates .. you better check with digi .. he he he. You are quoting me there .. ha ha ha. I use powerpack because I only sms these 6 numbers like hell eventhough it’s RM% per month, but i think if not because of that, my monthly expenses migh have been RM 100 at least compared to just RM 40 at the moment. Pro and cons .. Yup, my call rates per month RM 8.97 according to digi. I only call one number. 😛

  2. Pour moi->beyond plan..
    1st>i only reload when i need it..rm15/mth the most lah..
    2nd>i only on it when i need it..i have another network n u wont be able to reach my digi most of the time..
    3rd>In my 6 FnF..2 of them i seldom contact..they contact me..1
    she’s using fuYOH and she dont mind to sms me another network..1 i only call him when i need someone to talk..2 of them pula are not relevant in my FnF anymore..
    4th>the coverage is not stable at my hostel..
    5th>i’ve subscribed caller tunes which cost me RM3/mth..aint paying extra RM5 or RM3 for changing plan..hehe..

  3. Arch,yea…if dat works for u,oklah…
    (Actually,before fuyoh if I knew powerpack free sms I wouldve subscribed to that…but the RM5/mth sucks…hehe)
    1st->I reload wen need only too (but I x know hw mch I use, depends…)
    2nd->I’ve stopped having 2 networks when I lost my phone last time…but if I do get a 2nd no,it will be Maxis.(Bong has a point that Maxis provides a smart bonus plan, and I did lil research that used wisely,it could be more value for ur $$)…but if I’m gonna hv just 1 no,it will be Digi and I won’t have it any other way…(Chewah)
    3rd->I feel so used…hahaha…maybe I x mind sms ur other network but if owez pokai oso me liao…haha…Get another phone girl!Hehe…who’s he?*cough*cough*…not relevant in FnF?Why r they there then?Kick em out…haha(so bad me…*angelic face*)
    4th->that one I can’t say anything laa..
    5th->yea…i agree the monthly subscription sucks…maybe i hv to sacrifice my caller tunes to support fuyoh…hmmm…
    Wah…those network providers should really read the comments…Free market survey wat…;p

  4. well..what can i say..last time carried 2 phones..only after lost my phone so got to choose between 2 network..and i chose the other instead of digi..besides same network with parent n special-fren..*blink*..
    there’s no one yet to replace the 2 irrelevant FnF..hehe..later2 lah edit the FnF..
    and “he” pula is just a fren ok.. =)

  5. the rm 5 .. actually for me is ok la .. even if i use fu yoh .. it would be more than rm 5 per month .. so worth it for me la .. he he he
    ehem .. he is just a fren, that’s what all of them say.
    “well, she says he’s just a fren” – reminds me of that song

  6. ok lah…in that case i say “iya nya kaban aku ja wai”..hehe..

  7. Arch,haha…u a fuyoh nw…no more unlimited sms…=p
    M,haha…well,operation fuyoh hr is abt to start…change sim now…

  8. the sms charges.. 7 cents one only apply when you reached rm30 per month usage.. so in other words, you need to 1st use rm30, then get that rate.. am i correct here?
    p/s: apa kaban kaban ni… i like gaban. berkaban pun i like. may, me your kaban oso la then? 😛

  9. ya meh? t&c also ah for 7cents sms..x fuyoh enuff..hehe..of coz la bong..we all kaban2 here..anang belaban jak lah..hehe..

  10. Nope,Bong misinformed…
    Read the post below.

  11. duh, girls.. read again my comment ok 🙂 i stated SMS charges, not call charges during fuyoh hours. sekian terima kasih ..

  12. Bong,salah link…I meant read THIS post that we’re commenting on again.
    I got mention sms charge how much…(read the ending part after ***)
    Sekian terimakasih.

  13. apa itu? … may, kaban nuan nyak ensem ka? ha ha ha .. I very long time dun type in iban ..

  14. ok, make this clear. so you said the 7cents per sms apply for any fuyoh registered user? but i read it you must use more than rm30 per month, only then you can get that 7 cents per sms rate. correct no? sekian terima kasih

  15. eh arch..nama hal kaban ku masuk dalam topik randau kitai pulak..hehe..

  16. Bong,no need rm30 usage to get tht 7cts/sms rate…as long as fuyoh.
    Harap maklum.
    M,entah…melencong dah…
    Hey,u ppl working ka 2mrw?me public hol…but hv to work…huhuhu…

  17. ok, saya faham sudah. sekian terima kasih. oh i’m second class citizen, so i am working tomorrow.

  18. me working too..but till 3pm je..then minta permission balik to fetch my dad at airport..

  19. me not working .. i got cuti whole year long

  20. Bong,dats modern slavery…so unfair…the roads so clear today.
    Sah,majority working ppl org gomen and nice2 cuti when we hv to work still.
    I shld’ve woke up later and left for work later…but being the rajin person I am,I didn’t…heh.
    M,wha?!U working too?I tot u cuti ooh…hahaha…eh,this wknd wanna hang out? Fetch ur dad? Wher was he?
    Arch,dats now…wait till u get d PTD,u will be different “class citizen” than us,then that means our cuti oso x coincide liddat.

  21. he he he .. amen

  22. M,he went to lawas&limbang..this weekend ah?..what’s ur plan then?..

  23. now got too category of malaysian you know.. you are the 2nd grade, you need to work but the other one no need.. very good 🙂 later they will come up with other special privileges also ha ha!

  24. Isk…don’t care lah…janji got cuti…
    Like next week cuti…Tues n Wed x work…YAY!
    I *heart* Labour Day!;p
    I didn’t expect public hol for wesak actually memandangkan in swak…liddat for sure gawai MUST have cuti rite?*prays*

  25. wesak day = hari raya haji = christmas mar.. it’s religous celebration all over the country. gawai limited to sarawak only. so only sarawak will have holiday.

  26. i mean to say hari raya aidilfitri.. lol, no idea why i typed hari raya haji.. but it’s still apply haha!

  27. OoOoOo…liddat ah?
    Okie loh…more cuti for me. Lol.
    So FOR SURE gawai got cuti lah…rite? Rite? RITE?

  28. gawai for sure got cuti la if ur in sarawak even if ur in KL if ur iban sure got cuti one .. i got .. he he he .. but i took extra 4 days so that would be unpaid leave ..

  29. Good good…vely good news…
    Bt arnd this time last year I was doing my practical in Shah Alam and I didn’t just cuti for Gawai…I resigned on 31st May.
    Hehe…no lah, my practical ended 31st May. LOL.

  30. sorry for “eaves-dropping” on your conversation but check-out this link for a one-stop answer to your questions :
    bukan maok gago bah, tapi mungkin dapat nolong. Sorry mun interrupting jak.

  31. blur.sotong,
    Yes,I am aware of that website…it’s owned by DiGi.There’s another one:…that’s owned by one of the other 2 competitors…in the end,its always one telco vs the other…same story all over again…I’m better! NO,I’m better!…etc etc…but for us users,the more they fight the better lor…maybe they’ll stop charging for sms…just charge for calls…hahaha…
    Thanks for dropping by…Sik la interrupting…=)

  32. free international sms try this

  33. hai,may i know u more closer mar?
    Hi. Email me then.
    mcdrewnis [at] yahoo [dot] com

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