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If I was a rich girl…

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
If I had all the money in the world…

If I was wealthy girl…
But I’m not
SO wanna travel SO badly…especially now that AirAsia is having it’s promotions and MATTA fair is tomorrow…
I want to go to Sabahcare to join me?
I want to go to SingaporeI would love company!
I want to go to the Land Down Under (read: Australia)I need a place to stay!
I want to go to the UKwill I ever afford that?
There’s so many places I wanna go and visit…and there’s either nothing or EVERYTHING standing in my way…
GOSH, this is exasperating!
I hope you‘re happy with where you are right now…
I really need a vacation…
Joining Amazing Race Asia Season 3 is really tempting now that they’re “recruiting”
Would you be my partner and travel the world, or at least Asia?

14 thoughts on “If I was a rich girl…

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  2. I would join you.. but I’m attached.. and I know she’ll be mad if I do join you travelling Asia, leaving her in MalaySIA….hahaha…

  3. Bring her along lah…the more the merrier maa… 😀

  4. I want to join ARA 3 too! but im not fit enough! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….

  5. We join TARA 4 then…give us time to go gym and training…
    Want or not? 😀

  6. hahah…. dont think that would be posible.. she’ll get really jealus if im even near some gal.. Shhhhh!! dun tell her I said this.. hehe.. but she knows..

  7. What does she know? 😀

  8. hey, you don’t need to be unattached to join ma .. I mean, that would be a lulu case. Dunno la ..
    Sometimes, it’s better to go alone ..

  9. Cibol, I can’t understand u…are you sober dy? 😀 kidding…but really, don’t get what u saying…u mean no need to have a partner to join TARA? No, I’m pretty sure you need a team for that…
    But if you mean like you don’t need to have people join you for vacation, I guess that’s true. But I prefer to have someone share the fun with me…what’s the fun in life if you go through it alone? Besides, it’s not really advisable for us ladies. Safety reason. 😀

  10. i want to join explorace too! i think i will do well. except for the part i cannot swim. muahahahaa!

  11. Mar.. maybe i can be your partner if you can’t find any.. hehe
    Let’s go all around the world and to the end of the Earth..

  12. Bong, u can’t swim? Me neither. Haha…Jom take lessons and sign up for TARA 4! 😀
    Drumsticks, sure! Let’s do that! 😀

  13. i want to learn diving now. doesn’t matter cannot swim. still can dive. muahahahhaa!

  14. Hahaha…I owes wondered that…what if a person can’t swim but can dive…liddat for sure will never drown la rite? Oh wait…one MUST know how to swim leh…if not how to surface for air??? Unless dive with oxygen tanks la…LOL.

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