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I'm running away – for a (good) reason

It all started when a colleague came up to my desk last month…

“Hey, have you heard of the SCB Half Marathon?”

I (not the least bit interested) said non-chalantly, “Yeah, I think I’ve heard of it.”

Him, excitedly: “Do you wanna join?”

My jaw dropped.



Those 2 words just don’t belong in the same sentence

While I do jog (once in a blue moon) , the last time I ran in a “race” was decades ago – for my school’s sports day!

“I’ll think about it…” I told him.

And I thought about it…

But before I made any concrete decision, I found this on my table:

The registration form for the event

I figured that:

1) since my employer IS sponsoring us to run,

2) it IS for charity,

3) while at it, I can scrap “running in a [half] marathon” off my bucket list (though I never consciously realised it was even on it to begin with) there’s just no reason for me to say No and deprive the Pengiran Muda Mahkota Al-Muhtadee Billah Fund for Orphans (DANA) and Standard Chartered Bank’s Seeing Is Believing programme of whatever funds I would be raising prior to the race!

So, guess what I did next?

5km, here I come!

Notice, I did say I’d cross out “running in a [half] marathon” and not “running a [half] marathon” remember? 😉 Are you running in or a?

That said though, I was supposed to start training 3 weeks ago. To date, I’ve done no such thing. =O I just hope I can “run” 5km within the allocated time of 1hr. LOL!
Yeah, I am definitely not in it to win it (cash prizes) but I’m just “running for fun” – to which if someone had told me I’d be doing that a few weeks ago, I would have rolled my eyes in disbelief .

Irregardless, a pat on the back for all those participating for running for a reason!

On your marks!

Get set!


P.S. While we’re on the subject on Sports, CONGRATULATIONS to Brunei’s under-21’s football team for winning the Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy on Friday! True story.

P.P.S. And not to mention: Brunei makes it to It’s Legend – wait for it – Dary!

2 thoughts on “I'm running away – for a (good) reason

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