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Is it Kool to be red?

Well, if you’re into travelling like me and looking for friends who love to travel too, I dare say it is! 😀

Koolred is an Asian travel social networking site where you can share travel reviews, find travel advisors and buddies as well as share photos.

You can learn more about it here, but lemme just highlight some of the features I personally like:

See what’s going on with friends.

  • Get updates of your friends activities and keep track of their travel plans.

Do your travel research on Koolred.

  • Get tips and read reviews from fellow travellers.

All you want to know about any destination.

  • Ask and get answered at the forum and learn something new through travel blogs.

Embrace the global community.

  • Learn the various languages and customs direct from travel advisors, Koolred’s multicultural members.

Be introduced to fellow travellers.

  • Find travel buddies to common destinations.

Experience a destination with a new friend.

  • Meet a travel host, a local at your destination, who can show you around and host you during your stay.

And know what the best bit is?
Well, Koolred is affliated with AirAsia so once in a while, they have contests where you stand the chance to win free holidays and such! In fact, I am currently trying out my luck, so please comment and vote for me at if you like the picture! I’ll share my prize with you if I win (because you voted)…Similarly, if you decide to join the contest, don’t forget me if you win! I win, You win, We both win! 😀

That’s a sweet enough deal won’t you say? 😉

So, see you around Redster!

3 thoughts on “Is it Kool to be red?

  1. Yo.. will vote for you and good luck 🙂 May not join coz I suck at photo competitions 🙁

    1. Thanks for voting…but you’ll have to become a Redster first to vote…so register on Koolred k? And there may be other kinds of competitions in the future! 😉
      So, I’ll see you there!!! 😀

  2. […] November last year, I don’t quite remember how (most likely from following AirAsia on Twitter), I stumbled upon this Asian travel social networking site called Koolred… […]

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