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Is (S)He The One?

Imagine you’ve had the opportunity to get to know a bunch of new people. They are ALL still single and for the sake of the discussion, YOU are ALSO single and secretly, ALL OF YOU are checking out each other for your Mr/Ms Right…Now with that in mind, which person below would you most likely be attracted to?
There are FOUR potential Mr/Ms Right

Let’s get to know the potential Mr Right first:
1. Will
Will was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He went to the best schools and had the best life his parents could provide. Yet, he barely made it through college and he was still living on his parent’s deep pockets. In spite of this, he was a really sweet guy and people love him, even without knowing that he was filthy rich. It also helped that he was cute and had that boyish look that could melt any girl’s heart. He was humble and didn’t show-off his riches and he was a very friendly guy. And he was pretty loyal.
2. Matt
Matt was a bad boy when he was young. He got into fights and into trouble with the school. But when he grew up, he became a decent gentleman. Although he wasn’t one of the smartest in his class, he successfully made it through college and was already earning his own money. He had a job and although it might not pay so much, it was a stable one. He also had his own car. But he didn’t have Matt Dacascos’ looks or The Rock’s six-packs. He was just an ordinary guy.
3. Richard
Richard was a responsible, friendly and smart person – He even studied overseas for a while (on scholarship, as he wasn’t from a rich family). He wasn’t handsome but he had pretty good looks and an almost-perfect physique. He was charming and if he was talking with you, he’d give you his undivided attention. But he can sometimes rub people the wrong way. He has his own set of opinions and principles that he holds onto and he can be pretty vocal about them.
4. James
James did not go to college after high-school. His family couldn’t afford to pay his tuition fees so he started working instead. He did odd-jobs to get by and the money he earned, although not that much, he tried to send some to his family back home. Being the eldest son, he helped put his younger siblings through college. Through the years, he’s earned enough (and won more gambling) to buy a car which he had modified with spoilers and stuff. He was not handsome and he works in a factory.

Now, the potential Ms Right:-
1. Amanda
Amanda lived a comfortable life. She was the apple of her parent’s eyes. Even so, she wasn’t a spoiled rich brat. Not everything was handed to her on a silver platter. Nonetheless, she tended to be a little pampered. She didn’t do very well in her studies but she didn’t do very bad either. She wasn’t hot but she was pretty with her almost model-like height and slim figure. She usually got her way with things and she was someone people liked to befriend.
2. Juliet
Juliet sacrificed her social life for her academic achievements. She had never been in any intimate relationship, but she did graduate on the Honors roll at her college. She wasn’t hot but she was quite pretty and people enjoyed her company although some felt she was difficult to befriend. She was shy and secretive but those close to her knew she was a friendly and loving person. She was loyal and genuinely cared for those close to her. She was a very simple person at heart and just longed for acceptance by loved ones.
3. Fran
Fran was harsh and crude in some ways. She sometimes said things without thinking of their consequences. Because of that, she was not very good at keeping secrets. However, she was easily moved by emotions. If you mentioned anything sad or sounded sad, she would tear-up. And she is very loud (as in voice volume) when she speaks. She wasn’t hot but those close to her knew she was a caring and loving person. School, however, wasn’t her cup of tea. She tried, but she didn’t make it through college.
4. Janet
Janet was a petite girl. Although she is extremely playful, she didn’t do too badly in her studies and there are times when she can surprise people with her mature thoughts. She is a no-nonsense and a go-getter. She was determined to be in the right and have the last word in. She was equally determined to get hold of something if she had her eyes set on it. Even so, there was a side of her that cared deeply for those she loved, even if she might hurt them by her outspoken-ess. But practicing what she preached wasn’t her stronghold.

So which person above would you most likely be attracted to? Do you think He/She could be your Mr/Ms Right? Why?

34 thoughts on “Is (S)He The One?

  1. i’ll go for fran

  2. jessica alba not in the list? jennifer love hewitt leh? hmm, none of the miss-es above. or i can go for mr right haha? Nvm, i stick to jess n jen :p

  3. none of them tells the quality that I look for as per in what I have posted in my previous post ..
    janet – talk kok oni
    fran – the annoying type
    juliet – not in a million years. This type, often thinks that they’re the best in the world. ta hell …
    looks like I’m left with only Amanda … she got money, not that bad looking .. but this type of people sometimes a pain in the arse … but she’s the less annoying than anyone else.

  4. All I can say is Love. Don’t judge by phyiscal look and background. Sometimes a person might feel in love but maybe it is only lust. Take ur time to consider. Honesty and communication is more important. Great personality is a must. And please.. No Drama Queen.

  5. hmm.. i guess the closest guy i might like is Matt.. the ordinary one..
    Any guys with sexy characters to intro? 🙂 Looks not so important, but his sexiness comes from his heart..

  6. fran and juliet… oh cannot tahan this type.. janet and amanda.. em, may go for amanda. but, it’s not always that simple.. and people don’t lay out their personalities in front of you to analyse.. cibol.. we share lah.. haha!

  7. I think I’ll go for Will.. haha

  8. bongkersz : Ha ha ha .. namind la, we share .. ok bah .. gfku gfmu jua .. ok not? As long as she’s not somebody who is
    1. bodo
    2. sombong
    3. bodo sombong
    okla tu …

  9. I mean gfmu gfku jua .. shiet

  10. Oink, why? You didn’t answer that part of the question…
    Bong, stick to the choices above only lah…and you may choose Mr Right. Whose the lucky guy??? ;p
    Arch,hahaha…funny that you find them annoying…Never thought of anyone saying that. As for the qualities u mention, yea, none mentioned here cos I focus on 4 “criteria”-looks,money,IQ and EQ…
    Walter, Don’t judge by phyiscal look and background. AGREE!!! But even so, we all know that its the first impressions (like the things listed here) that usually cause us to be attracted to someone and want to know them better…Sometimes we judge people to soon before we even get to know them. Whose to say that we HAVEN’T shut the door on our Mr./Ms. Right???
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for dropping by! =)
    Drumsticks, yea, Matt is ok…but what if Will and Matt were close friends and you were friends with both? Who do you think you’d be attracted to MORE?
    Bong (again)…What? You don’t jadi pick Mr Right??? LOL. Yea,its not that simple…but as I replied to Walter above, whose to say we HAVEN’T already closed the door on our Mr./Ms. Right cos we judge them too early???
    Nono,spot on girl! Teehee…

  11. not fran not fran…
    muz be trying my best to put up a comment that i din c the name correctly, it’s actually Janet.
    Why is it so? Cuz life is weird. opposite attracts. deep down inside u know there’s someone who can give in everything to protect who she loves n believes in. and i wish to have that commitment from her.
    all because i know I will be just like that. although prob not as goody woody

  12. judge them too early? have no choice but to that from the limited information you put up 🙂 in real world, i will not know for sure how each and every girls behave, backgrounds etc. so as time goes by, i will make up my judgement.. 🙂 but, from 1st impression, you tend to make your decision on the look, the way she talks.. money? too fast to decide on that on 1st impression, IQ maybe can.. EQ.. kinda… 🙂

  13. yeah .. true very the true .. IQ

  14. hmm.. Matt or Will ah.. i prefer someone who can take care of himself, earn money through his own means.. rather than.. living off his parents financial support.. The only good thing about Will is that he is loyal. As being attractive, i think Matt is more.. but probably Will is more kind and soft. Matt is the tougher guy.. you know, perhaps i’m still childish, but i’m more attracted to the baddies.. like Lex Luther. muahaha..

  15. so my answer would be.. Matt

  16. You said “Sometimes we judge people to soon before we even get to know them” yes that should we do. I did write something like “Take ur time to consider”. What I mean is “Dont judge the book by its cover”. First impression is important in order to go to the next level. But dont rush or drown by your emotion. Ehhh.. apa la saya merapu ni. hahahaha

  17. Drumsticks, it’s Lex Luthor. First impression always count … because chances of you two bump in into each other if you were not frens, or frens of frens .. that is that one split second you have to make a decision dude. it’s like now or never .. after second phase then you can say continue or not la … of course you need time to know people but to get into the initial stage is an important part too

  18. Oink, opposites attract? Another interesting topic…do opposites really attract? But then again, someone is easily attracted to someone who has similar hobbies and stuff…so,not exactly opposites…
    Bong, yea…looks being the number 1 thing to be “judged”, “the way she talks” is related to IQ i guess and EQ as well…yea, money for me is not part of the “1st things to look at” either…but as we get to know someone,it will be in consideration, especially when we’re looking to settle down…whether that person is financially stable and able to support us (esp an issue for us gals)
    Drumsticks,hahaha…Lex Luthor in Smallville is so HOT!!! The HOTTEST bald dude…hehehe…
    Back to the topic,yes,Will is the sweet guy every girl falls for…but him not being able to financially support himself is a let down…but yes,he is loyal…which is very good since he’s goodlooking and all…as for Matt,he’s not exactly a bad dude anymore now that he’s grown up…hehe…and what Will didn’t have he did-financial stability.
    Walter, merapu? hahahaha…you can merapu all you like. I understand what you’re merapu-ing about…hehe…
    Arch,hey! You mention Lex too! Hehehe…(to be fully independent in my replies in this post I didn’t scroll through all the comments but reply to each comment as I read it. LOL.)…yea, 1st impression is important. Everyone knows that. Just hope that we don’t judge people too much based on 1st impression cos we might like them when we actually spend the time to get to know them…

  19. hottest bald guy should be stone cold steve austin. bwahahahaha! you should see lex luthor acting a drag queen. forgot what movie 😛 he’s good..

  20. ahh .. I know that movie .. sorority boys .. should I go bald then? .. ha ha ha .. namind .. archi-bald

  21. […] another note, relating to the topic being discussed in Mar’s blog […]

  22. Bong, haha…I saw that movie. Yea, he’s good…and hot…and Steve Austin isn’t. Hehe..oh ya, Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scoffield is the hottest almost-baldy…LOL.
    Arch, if u do go bald, remember to post a pic… 🙂

  23. no thanks … wait till i got Alex’s body

  24. you should thank me for introducing the series then 😀

  25. ha ha ha .. thank u

  26. Arch, Alex? Who that?…what series?

  27. see my post, the bald guy

  28. i’d choose amanda.. he he

  29. gud taste man .. ha ha ha

  30. Clement,why? That’s the 2nd part of the question..

  31. the first part… i duno the answer 😛

  32. Huh? What you mean “the first part… i duno the answer”?…you answered the first part what…you answered Amanda. The 2nd part yg u x answer…

  33. o.. ha ha, well u said it so clearly already, dun think it needs any more elaboration.. h aha

  34. I said? I didn’t say anything…I only “describe” each person individually…so u mean u like everything abt Amanda? Wah!

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