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It is the Beginning

I had been in COLA after work everyday the past week, for Mass and etc. and while I am physically exhausted, I am spiritually ecstatic!

I focused a lot on achieving my Lenten goal, but I realised that after I achieved it (although it wasn’t a perfect score, it counted for something) I didn’t know how I was suppose to carry on with life as if nothing ever happened. Indeed, Lent is over…and I just realised that while Lent, one way or another, brings most of us back to our Faith, Easter seems to be the goal – the finish line; that when Easter is here, we shrug off and get back to our “busy lives” as if to say: “He died on the cross for our sins and now He is risen, so we are saved already what. Why do we need to do anything more? It’s time to party. It’s time to let loose…”

Imagine this: You need an organ transplant (let’s say that organ is a heart) and if you didn’t get the transplant, you would die. And someone comes along and that someone LOVES you so much that that someone was willing to give you his/her heart. That would mean that he/she would die of course, but he/she was willing – as long as it meant you would live.

Now, in such a scenario, would a party with good food and good company and having a good time be sufficient to honour such love? NO! If anything, we would be even MORE in love with that someone for the sacrifice that someone made for us. How much more should we then honour Christ who loved us that He suffered for us and died on the cross so that through His Ressurection, we might live? It took us 40 days to understand and appreciate His sacrifice but it would take much MORE for us to appreciate his Resurrection. That’s why Easter lasts 50 days (up until Pentecost).

So indeed, Easter is here. Let us remember that Easter is NOT the end but only the Beginning.

To Bro Cibol, I don’t know what happened, but whatever it was, I am glad that this Lent/Holy Week/Easter had such an impact on you, as it did me. May we both not ever wander far away again…Praise The Lord! Alleluia!

2 thoughts on “It is the Beginning

  1. Yes it did. I view it as God is giving me a sign .. come back to HIM
    Praise The Lord! 🙂

  2. “Easter is here. Let us remember that Easter is NOT the end but only the Beginning.”…. Nicely said..
    Blessed Easter Cyril… 🙂

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