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It's 4am+ Sunday morning!

What am I still doing up?!
Well, in order to answer that, I’ll have to explain:
1. I have been pretty much resting for the last 24hrs+ cos of my flu, cough and fever. (I got an MC Friday morning and spent all day home Friday and most of Saturday until 7pm)
2. By Saturday 7pm, by hook or by crook, whether I was well or not, I had places to be…so I have been up ever since!
3. Long story short, I had one of the bestest night of my life!!!
Beginning with scoring a high score on MagicSing (Karaoke) for Zombie (91pts) and How Do I Live (95pts) which only came 1pt behind the highest score that night…and plenty of laughs and fun with the dinner, the birthday celebrations and of course more MagicSing sessions (and X-Box and massage sessions as well!)…
Yeah…I should probably be sleeping now (especially since we’re all supposed to be up by 9am+ tomorrow) but I’m still waiting for my massage ^^
So yes…had a great Saturday night-Sunday morning thingy…looooonnnnnggggg time since I had one of those!

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