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July came and went

“Hey baby brother! Opened your card yet? 😉 Juz wanna wish u a Happy Sweet 16 and all d best in everything! Love u bro! God bless. C u soon ya..”
“Thnx a lot big sis. XD Nice to be 16 haha X) See you guys soon!! Oh yea, I oledi can take motorbike lesson ;)”
I just realised something – I haven’t posted anything for ONE whole month (and more)!!!
(My last post was on June 26th.)
I mean, I knew I haven’t been here a while, but I didn’t realise it’s been more than a month!
Well, looks like “July 2009” will be missing from my blog archives. -_-“
Anyways, in the last post of mine I did mention why I have been MIA, so I’ll not explain myself again.
However, I’d just like to say that July had been an extra busy and extra eventful month for me (which I hope to share in specific posts after this one.)
So in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this piece of my July:

Performed by the VYAs (Vicariate Young Adults) of Brunei during Life Nite @ COLA on 18th July 2009.
I was supposed to be one of them but unfortunately I was out of the country at that time. However, I really like my replacement! I wouln’t have been able to justify the character as much. 😉
Hope we have more of these in the future! GBU!

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  1. Hahhaa.. after so long, baru ada update.. patut when I come by, i see spiderwebs hanging on the left corner =P

    Yalah…u should have helped me clean them up then…hehhe

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