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June RoundUp

It’s JULY?! Where did JUNE go?!

Answer: Over and done with, like the rest of 2012…

My apologies for the Total Blog Eclipse of June, right after my Borneo Jazz Festival series of posts.

Especially if you spent all that time doing this:

Eclipse-watching 😉

It was a hectic month to say the least, so whilst I have “some” time on my hands now, here’s a short and simple and visual round-up of June!

Round-up (Noun) – a summary of something, especially the most important parts of the news (Source: Macmillan Dictionary)

Throughout June, I slaved away at work…

…and even had to bring some home! :S

Mid-June, a Retreat was JUST what I needed:

A nice weekend getaway at Brunei’s pride, the world-renowned and very posh  Empire Hotel & Country Club with some good friends.

Spiritually, emotionally and physically uplifting! 🙂

And I’m looking forward to going back in another 2 weeks! 😀

But by the end of June, with work consistently intensifying, I ended the month with a much deserved treat!

A full body massage…now that’s more like it! 😉

So yup, that was how my June came and went…and although July is somewhat not so busy (work-wise), it will crank up again in August and September. =/

But until then, I’m gonna enjoy July to the fullest!

Rainforest World Music Festival next weekend – wooohoooo!!!

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