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Kuching: Another breed of cat

Kuching : The coolest cat in the city – ALWAYS dressed in season. 😉

I’ve always considered Kuching as my home – with good reasons!

From the moment I stepped off the plane Saturday afternoon, I’ve not had a single moment I did not love just being “home”!

My bro picked me up from the airport, took me home just to drop my luggage & we were off to Samarahan – boy has this old haunt of mine changed! – and soon after, to Sunset Mass at St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Empowered Music Ministry brilliantly served during mass (as they’ve always had), after which we headed to Pending Seafood Centre for dinner.

Hello Oh Jian (Oyster Omelette) – I’ve missed you!!!

On Sunday, went to lunch at Causeway with dear blogger friend Lola…

…before she dropped me off at St Peter’s College (SPC) to visit another old friend. Then, went for drinks at Siang-Siang (we’ve none of these open-air food courts in Brunei..) with ex-classmates back in my Uni days. =)

At 6pm, went “shark-hunting” etc with a “foster brother” of mine before heading to Bau where my “foster family” (whom I adopted when I studied in Kuching almost a decade ago) lives and a night of umai-making (with the shark meat) and BBQ fellowship ensued…felt like I never left!

Umai – or what I describe as “Malaysian Sushi” =p

Monday being a public holiday, my “foster sister” dropped me off at my bro’s and soon I was out again, this time for lunch at Rumah Hijau (first time there) with my Empowered family as most were unable to join the dinner the evening I arrived. Felt so blessed to be able to meet with them again.

The Nasi Ayam Penyet @ Rumah Hijau is really nice!!!

Monday was also the 15th day of Chinese New Year so went with my bro & his family (who are partially Chinese) for Chap Go Meh dinner. Guess where?? Pending Seafood Centre again! Hahaha…no complains. I love the food! =P

Curry Ambal – I’ve missed you too!!!

After dinner, my bro took us on a scenic route around Kuching…a couple of things have changed from the last time I was here last year…and a LOT has changed from the time I used to study in Kuching years before…

Tuesday was a rest-in day as everyone was back to work but come sunset, met up with 3 other ex-Unimates, this time for dinner at Hijau, BDC. Had a good time just catching up & collectively denying how many years we’ve gained since we left Uni. LOL!

And today was an errand-Wednesday (with Laksa f0r breakfast & Chicken Rice for lunch) just sorting out some things while I’m in town…and tonight it’s out again with friends – maybe going karaoke-ing or just chilling by the Kuching Waterfront

Kuching is indeed another breed of cat (look up the meaning of that here) and home is where the heart is. With Family, Friends & Food all here, what better reasons is there for me to NOT to call it home? <3

6 thoughts on “Kuching: Another breed of cat

  1. Congrats on being Feb’s Blogger of the Month! 🙂
    Curry lala! oh i donno why my system totally reject that stuff, but the ayam penyet at RH memang ooomph! Nice site u got here too!

  2. Thanks! Congrats to you on your article being the debut article in nST! =)
    Too bad I’m leaving Kuching already tomorrow…would love to meet up with some of the Sarawak Bloggers in Kuching…over delicious foods of course!

  3. Congratulation… you deserved it! 😀

  4. congrats.. you deserved blogger of the month…
    keep it up

    1. Thanks!
      Ktk ngeblog pakei bahasa sarawak…kacak! =)

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