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Lend me your ears!

But before you do, PLEASE make sure that:
1. Your PC or laptop is connected to speakers/speakers are turned on/speakers are in good working order…and just to be safe, preferably FULL volume so you don’t miss anything. (I promise, it won’t be loud.)
2. You’re in a relatively noise-free area. No,you don’t need pin-drop silence, just don’t be surrounded by a bunch of screaming kids playing CS or be in a construction site or have the TV or stereo turned on too loud.
3. You CAN actually hear to begin with. 🙂
Okay…now that you’ve satisfied all of the above, here’s the fun part!

What if I told you that I can know what you are ABLE to and what you are UNABLE to hear, ALL by knowing your AGE?
Don’t believe me?
Let’s do an experiment then…
Sound-Check #1:
Are you able to hear this or this?
If you are able to hear either one or both, that means you are…LESS THAN 24 years old! …And you passed Sound-Check #1 and so you will also WITHOUT FAIL pass all the Sound-Checks below! Ain’t that awesome??? 🙂
If you hear nothing…Stop blaming anything else, this is not a joke and the speakers are fine (that was a pre-requisite before we started this experiment)…so I guess that just means you are MORE THAN 24 years old…and you FLUNK Sound-Check #1.
So all there is to do is to proceed to…
Sound-Check #2
Now, are you able to hear this?
If you were able to hear it this time, then CONGRATS! That means you ARE or BELOW 30 years old! …And you passed Sound-Check #2 (so of course, you will also pass the Sound-Checks below.) Finally believe I’m not pulling your leg eh? 🙂
Sound-Check #3
And are you able to hear this?
I’m sure all of you can hear that because only those MORE than 39 years old will be UNABLE to hear it…and I think it’s safe to assume that the readers of P.I. are at an age lower than that. 🙂
…BUT…if you DIDN’T hear anything AT ALL in the above three Sound-Checks, then can you hear this?
Hint: It’s like the sound a mosquito makes when it hovers around your ears.
Heard that? Well, you should…’cos even my grandparents can hear that!
If you didn’t, all I can say is…You really need to get those ears checked.
P.S. – Interesting huh? If I got the age wrong though, that would just mean that your ears are a bit older than your age. Itu lah…siapa suruh listen to songs full volume? 🙂
P.P.S. – Guess what? I’m finally taking the Mandarin lessons I’ve been meaning to. Classes start tomorrow night.

10 thoughts on “Lend me your ears!

  1. have to put ears near to speaker to hear it 😛

  2. Really? Even with speaker on FULL volume? Then your ears need checking. Hehehe…but you passed Sound Check #1 so your ears I guess are “normal” for your age…LOL. 🙂

  3. using notebook speaker… it’s squeaking small

  4. I am MORE THAN 24 years old but BELOW 30 years old!

  5. Mar! u’re going to take Mandarin classes?
    Ni qingke wo, hao ma? kekekekek

  6. Nono, good 4 u…so if the age is rite means ur ears are perfectly ok too…hehehe…
    Lola, ni qingke? Sounds kinky…LOL. 🙂

  7. I pass them all… So, I am below 24 !! Hahahah…..
    Anymore interesting test??

  8. Haha…when I “invent” them there will…LOL. Thanks for dropping by hey! 🙂

  9. er.. failed the first test.. lol.. does this mean… oh no..

  10. If u failed the first test when by age,you SHOULD have passed…that means my P.S lor..hehe… 🙂

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