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The day finally arrived – The Linkin Park ‘Living Things’ World Tour Live In Malaysia 2013!

Ticket in hand, we made our way to the venue at Bukit Jalil National Stadium – along with the other 20,000 people who came for the Concert (including 5,000 overseas fans)!


(Clockwise L-R: Ticket, me & my +1, queue in the rain at the gate, merchandise stalls)

It was drizzling that evening but that didn’t dampen the fans’ spirits, rather it was a chance to display the different rainy-day wear. Fancied a poncho? They were conveniently sold at the stadium compounds! (So were food and of course, Linkin Park merchandises like Glow-in-the-dark T-shirts, souvenir passes etc).

The gates were opened at 7pm, at which everyone RAN to get the BEST spot in their respective zones. We had the Rock Zone & the run paid off as we were able to get a pretty good view of the Stage.


View from the Rock Zone

The fans eagerly awaited the Band’s appearance and at 8pm, they took to the Stage!

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

Comprising co-lead vocalist, Chester Bennington, drummer/percussionist, Rob Bourdon, guitarist Brad Delson, bassist Dave ‘Phoenix’ Farrell, DJ and programmer Joe Hahn and Mike Shinoda, co-lead vocals, keyboards, guitar, the award-winning, multi-platinum alternative rock band, Linkin Park was exclusively touring Malaysia in this part of the SEA region as Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore was not included in the tour!

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

Check out their Opening!


[Official photos c/o Organizers]

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

They thoroughly fullfilled the yearnings of the fans since they last came to Malaysia ten years ago, performing their all-time-bests like –

Breaking The Habit


What I’ve Done

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

“We missed you guys” said Chester Bennington – which was reciprocated with screams from the adoring fans, followed by their next song:-

New Divide

(Check out these excerpts: Papercut, With You, Somewhere I Belong, Catalyst, Points of Authority, Waiting For The End, One Step Closer)

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

Mike Shinoda thrilled the fans with a Thank You message before they performed the much-loved track in their newest album “Living Things” –

Castle of Glass

Others from the “Living Things” album included VictimizedLies Greed Misery (click for excerpts) and:

Lost In The Echo

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

I personally loved their superbly awesome medley:

Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow Of The Day/Iridescent

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

They literally “burn it down” with their FINALE!

Burn It Down/In The End/Bleed It Out

With 2 hours of solid Linkin Park awesomeness, it was indeed an unforgettable Concert for the fans. Looking forward for more to come from Linkin Park and hopefully, we shall not have to wait another 10 years for them to come back to our shores.

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

A BIG Thanks to the Organizers, The WonderLand+, for bringing the band back and for the opportunity to watch them LIVE! As well as for the official photos.

To end, here’s one of my own:

Chester & Mike waves to the fans

For more photos, check out my album and drop by my youtube channel for all the videos.

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