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Looking back…

It is 10pm-ish on a Saturday night..
I actually woke up abt 3hrs ago frm an afternoon nap frm 2pm to 7pm. Heh. Was really tired after running errands in the morning..
Had my IC renewed cos my work permit was renewed earlier did month. Yes, I am still gonna be here for another 2 years! How do I feel? Urm, happy cos I’ll not need to worry for the next 2 years. Worried for the coming 2 years cos ANYTHING can happen..
Looking back at the last 2 years when I started working here in Brunei..
First 6 months, I was seriously tempted to go back to Kuching! I was renting alone in the staff quarters. My family was in Seria, a 1hr+ drive away. I had no friends. I knew no one. The only thing happening in my life then was work! What a depressing time THAT was! Fortunately, my bro encouraged me to stay and give it more time…cos
The next 6 months, was my break! I discovered, well, I was actually kidnapped into, the Vicariate Young Adults! None other than by Bishop himself too! The VYAs is the reason I stayed in Brunei. A pretty strong statement but I mean it. If it we’rent for my VYA family who brought me back to, no, who gave me the opportunity for a better and stronger relationship with God, I would not have stayed…through the VYA, I found Joy.
Year 2, Time just flew by SO fast! In between work and church, a year has passed. Ppl came into my life. Ppl left. But memories remain…It was a challenging year (and calendar wise,the year is only half gone!)
And now,I have another 2 years lease on working here…what will happen in those coming years?
Only God knows, and only Time will tell..
Also, went to a few other govt offices to ask abt how to go abt getting a PR status and getting my Malaysian driving license endorsed. The latter is do-able. The former, quite, whats the word, not as simple? And a few other errands after..ending up with fetching my bro from school.
After that, took Mom and bro to lunch at Lemongrass! I absolutely love their Tom Yam! *drools*
Soon, dad’s work permit is due for renewal too..hopefully, he gets renewed so the family can stay for another year..
Like I said, a challenging year…

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