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March update

Hello people!
Its exactly 1 month since my last post…so what have I been up to? Well, remember last month I made a resolution to save? No, I havent failed on that, though I have fallen a bit short on the amount I intended to be able to save every month..but I shall try my bestest..but this month, my resolution is to Re-invent myself!
New haircut, new clothes, new shoes…a new me…I must admit, its kinda scary at first (change always is rite?) and I’m still in the process now – not quite finished goods in that aspect yet – but its getting less scary and beginning to feel normal, that’s good.
Apart from my own conscious initiative, my body seems to think its time to do a bit of re-inventing as well – my Wisdom Tooth decided to make a BIG show (read: BIG pain!) by insisting to grow despite the lack of space left! Which is why I’ve been slightly feverish for the past few seriously gonna pop by the dentist if it still hurts this week..
Apart from that, since my last post, all has been pretty normal..spending lots of time at churh as usual – busy preparing and planning for World Youth Day 2011, among other things, and I am especially looking forward to April coming round the bend! Why? ‘cos I’m gonna be going to Kuching! Woohoo! Yeah, its gonna be relatively short though – will just be there for a weekend..and the main reason I’ll be there is for ‘business’ instead of ‘leisure’..hope I’ll still be able to meet up with some old friends though..partly wishing I could be there longer..but I figured, since my contract will be expiring soon, I might be back in Kuching soon sera sera..
Well, the coming week(s) can be foreseen to be quite, till the next update! ciao!
P.S. Will be working very near my house this week and the family is considered pretty much complete so more quality family time! Me likey!

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