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MH370: We won't give up…

April is upon us and the fate of the missing MH370 flight is still unknown.
In 5 days, it will be exactly a month since the Beijing-bound Malaysian Airlines (MAS) Boeing 777-200 dissapeared off the radar and lost contact with Air Traffic Control, with its last known position being over the South China Sea, between the Malaysian peninsular and Vietnam.
Since my previous post of the confirmed air turn-back, the Northern corridor had been concretely ruled out after the Investigation team concluded that the flight “ended in the southern Indian Ocean”, and was duly announced by Malaysian Prime Minister more than a week ago…
Since then, the search has focused completely on the southern Indian Ocean and despite the fact that hundreds of “potential debris” had been spotted there by various satellites of various countries, yet only a few had successfully been physically retrieved by search vessels as of now, but none were related to the missing flight.
Where is MH370?
Why did it divert from its original path to Beijing?
How did it end up in the Indian Ocean?
No debris had been found – is it really in the Indian Ocean?
What happened?
Questions with no answers.
Speculations and “conspiracy theories” arise, a menu of –
“It was hijacked…”
“It was stolen…”
“…by terrorists…”
“…by (insert suspect(s))..”
“…for its precious cargo/something(s)/someone(s) onboard…”
“…for (insert reason(s))…”
“…and landed somewhere and hidden…”
“…and landed somewhere, refuelled and flown again to be ditched in the Indian Ocean…”
“It was shot down…”
– offered by various people online to explain the who/what/where/why/when regarding the missing flight. But with no conclusive evidence swaying any which way, they are but speculations, feeding off the imaginations and the fears of the entire world.
Will we ever truly find out what happened on that flight?
And what of the passengers and crew?
The search continues and the Malaysian authorities have promised they won’t stop searching, even after the black box batteries expire in 5 days and thus stops transmitting its location. Australia, leading the search in the Indian Ocean, too have said they wouldn’t give up. And so has China, who had the most nationals onboard that flight.
Let us continue to pray that the plane will be found; that the people onboard be safe; that there be a positive end to the heart-wrenching ordeal for their families and loved ones and the whole world; that all the questions will have their answers.
Let us pray for God’s best for MH370.

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