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MH370: Where are you?

A flight number that has been on the lips, in the minds, hearts and prayers of indeed the entire world since it went missing.
The Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight, a Boeing 777, departed Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in the early hours of Saturday, March 8, on it’s route to Beijing, with 239 people onboard, passengers and crew alike. Around 1.30am, it went missing as it left Malaysian airspace and approached Vietnam.
No radio contact. No radar signal. Vanished.
A massive worldwide search for the plane had been undertaken since, involving some 14 counties (to date) & a hundred assets (both on water and in the air).
I’ve been following the updates since Day 1 and have refrained from posting about it or making any comments but today, a week later, MH370 is still missing.
Within the past week, several speculations and leads had been investigated (including that it had crashed somewhere in the South China Sea or that it made a turnback westwards and flew past the Malaysian peninsular) which led to the search for it being undertaken in both the South China Sea and the Straits of Malacca, and up into the Adaman Seas as well as the Indian Ocean…
Personally, I only look to the official press conference for confirmed and verified trustworthy information and in the past hour, we received breaking news.
The Malaysian Prime Minister confirmed that the MH370 DID INDEED turnback to the west and satellites last detected the plane at 8.11am in either two corridors ie. North corridor (Thailand – Kazakstan/Turmenistan) and South Corridor (Indonesia-Indian Ocean). The search will need to be refocused, assets reassigned and the search in the South China Sea will now end.
MH370 is still missing. Nobody knows yet why it turned back or what really happened or the fate on the 239 onboard.
I am a Malaysian.
I have travelled on MAS flights before from/to KLIA.
I know people who have families/friends onboard that missing flight!
This is personal.
And that is why I am writing this post.
With this breaking confirmation of the turnback, I implore you to please continue to pray for the best outcome for MH370 and all onboard.

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