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Mun paham bisai

14-hours’ non-stop driving…
I knew it’d be tiring, but I didn’t expect it to be THIS tiring.
And now I am on sick leave until Tuesday…

Guess what?
Exactly 6 months ago yesterday, I stepped into the working world here in Brunei…
It has been 6 months!
And do I have a treat for you! 😀
‘Cos apart from work-related stuff, I have been “acquiring” some other “stuff” as well – the most noticeable of them being Bahasa Brunei (BB). FYI, when I grew up in Brunei, BB was not that commonly used back then but it is widely used throughout the country now so I am glad to have the chance to redeem this part of my “Brunei Legacy”. 😉

Based on the above “language-tree line”, it shouldn’t be too much different than Bahasa Malaysia right? 😉
Let’s just start with some of the basic(s) of conversation:-
(please note the following are more suitable for normal everyday conversations and not for formal use)

laki-laki : man, of the male sex

bini-bini :woman, of the female sex
Awang : Mr/Sir
Dayang : Madam/Miss
aku, ku : I, me
kau, ko : you
kita : you (polite)
tani : we
ia : he/she/it
durang : they
~punya : added at the back to show possession eg. ku punya
ani : this
atu : that
inda : no
auwoo, awu : yes
bah : okay
antah : don’t know, no idea
nada, ndada : don’t have (as in possession), nothing

manada : where got
sebarang : nonsense, no such thing
ingau : to care, worry
text, mesej : sms
mun: if
jua : also
pulang : however, used like “pula” in BM
agatah : let’s (as in inviting)
batah : late, taking a long time
karang : later (as in “in the future”)
lurus : correct
banar : true
buyuk : cheat
setau, gaban : when one or someone confidently thinks they know something, but actually don’t
setaie : when one or someone is arrogant, being a jerk
ambong : when someone is being proud, has the “better than thou” attitude
kambang : being proud/vain
malas (tah)(kan) ku ingau : “I don’t f***ing care”
siuk : exciting or “syok”
palui, buduh, baie : stupid
gila : an expression that can be used to mean anything at all, specifically “This is crazy!”
wa(h) : an expression used at the end of a sentence just to “complete” the sentence
apa kan, apa’an : an expression meaning “What the…?” or “What?!”

lai : dear, or used to fondly call those younger than you
damit : small (as in size), young (as in age)
bisai : good
lawa : cantik
bida : ugly
ngalih : tired, exhausted
kapih : no money, broke
berusin, loaded : has lots of money, wealthy
liat : see, watch, show
payah : difficult
kameh : pee
beria : poo
dahak : phlegm
jurit : messy, dirty
gaok : naughty, playful
kebeliangan : shocked, surprised
ijap : scared, afraid, fearful
bersigup : smoking (as in cigarrettes)
T-pax : “blanco”, correction liquid/fluid
beibun : joking, or referring to a joker
lauk : fish

A very often used phrase that is NOT to be confused –

kali : maybe, that’s possible
kali ah : definitely


Your collegue doesn’t come to work. You wonder: “Sakit kali…” [Maybe he/she is sick.]
You see someone accidentally rams a door. You say: “Sakit kali ah…” [That’s got to hurt.]

Well, that’s about all I can come up with for now (and thanks to my bro for helping out!). In the meantime, you may visit this blog to see how the language really works…
So, until our next BB lesson (if any), know what the post title means?
Paham kali ah… 🙂

P.S.: The author is still learning the language herself so any feedback (corrections, new words) from Bruneians are much appreciated! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Mun paham bisai

  1. bah, bisai udah bahasa brunei ko ani. ada celen udah tu bah.
    bila kan ko kemai’?
    he he he he
    Lurus kah inda bahasa brunei ko ani? Inda pernah didengar…hahaha

  2. awu … bisai banar udah … tapi jangan tah ko kambangan dulu… hahahah … nda bah lai… bukan payah banar pun mau berkurapak ani … hehhehehe
    did u notice that the sabahan slangs have a few words in common with BB? I guess the influence are greater here than to those in Sarawak eh …..
    Banar wa? Ko “terror” lagi bahasa ani kali… 😉
    Hahaha…yeah, last time I couldn’t differentiate BB, BM(Sabah version) and Bahasa Indon. These have the most similarities in terms of slang…

  3. inda jua susah kan BB?
    ku jua pndai sadikit ani BB…
    hehehe nice post!! 😀
    Inda pulang susah banar…lama2 pro tah tu. Hehehe…
    Thanks! And welcome to PIMP! Drop by again ya…. 🙂

  4. cibol>>>
    iatah..lurus ka inda BB kamu tu,,
    inda penah jua ku denagr tu eyh… 😀
    best juga kan ada blog pasal BB…
    anu kalo inda d amal…
    lupa ba BB… 😀
    Awu wa…mun inda, inda jua dapat bisai tu…hehe…btw, how is it you know a lil BB yourself?

  5. family ku juga kan org brunei…
    atu BB ku bisai ba sadikit… hehehe
    cuma inda di guna slalu, jdi inda bisai sebisai org brunei tah BB ku ani… 😀
    kadang2 hearn ku eyh…
    lurus ka inda BB ku nie…
    kapan2 kalau family brunei ke sini,,,
    baru BB ku d gunakan…
    kalau inda..
    di kubur sja tuh… 😀
    Owh…inda pulang ku tau ah ko ani org brunei kali ah…hehe…
    inda jua apa2 tu, sama2 tani improve-kan BB tani…hehe…ku pun baru kan belajar…

  6. lurus nda lurus belakang kira .. yg penting .. ada bunyi .. ha ha ha ..
    bisai bisai
    Banar tu banar…hahaha

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