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My Privileged Life

It’s almost the end of January 2008…time flies so fast huh?
So, how far along are you with your New Year Resolutions? Achieved them already, or haven’t even begun, or worse, have already failed? 😀
For me, 2008 has been pretty…“adventurous”…especially when it comes to shopping (Boulevard, tHeSpring…) and food. And ESPECIALLY so because I have a secret weapon:
My MyPrivilegeBook

My what-book???
Well, the MyPrivilegeBook was officially launched on the 1st day of the year (1/1/08) here in Tun Jugah shopping mall in Kuching. It’s a whole new concept whereby participating merchants (shops, restaurants, service providers, etc.) are listed in the book which is filled with the promotions of the respective merchants in the form of discounts and vouchers.

Inside the book is the MyPrivilegeCard

…which entitles the buyer to special discounts in quite a number of places like:

10% discount at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

10% to 15% discount at Mr Ho’s Fine Foods
And of course, the book itself is filled with pages and pages and pages of vouchers which the buyer can use to spend and SAVE.

Kaya&Toast vouchers

Lady Image vouchers…Free Makeover anyone?
The book is RM35 a copy and is divided into 4 sections:
My Dining Privilege – for discounts and vouchers in several restaurants and eateries in and around Kuching, e.g. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Mr Ho’s Fine Foods, Frappe, Patio Terrace Cafe, Rakutei Japanese Restaurant, Momoyama, Koreana, Pizza Hut, KFC…whatever type of food you’re looking for, there’s a place for everything!
My Privilege Services – for discounts and vouchers on services like hair wash/cut/treatments/etc, spa & massages, manicures/pedicures, photo studios, bridals, florists, reflexology…even free trials for aerobics/yoga/pilates and trials at the gym and at personal training!

My Privilege Retail – for discounts and vouchers when you go shopping for jewellery, clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, specs and shades, baked confectionaries, computers, iPods, mobile phones, books, exercise equipments and even if you’re shopping for your pet!
and My Entertainment Privilege – for discounts and vouchers if you decide to catch a movie, play bowling or futsal or take up Taekwondo, Judo or archery…even if you decide to learn to play the piano or learn to draw!

Best of all, the MyPrivilegeCard and ALL the vouchers inside the MyPrivilegeBook (with the exception of the KFC vouchers which are only vaild until March) are valid throughout the year 2008!!! How cool is that?!
Personally, I think the RM35 spent on buying the book is a worthwhile investment. So far, I’ve used the card and vouchers and saved more than Rm35. 😀 Not only that, this is the chance to try out things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to. The chance to try places you never went to before and some you never even knew existed! The MyPrivilegeBook has really opened up the doors to really ENJOY the privileged life in Kuching…I know I am…
Are you?
*In case you’re wondering, this is NOT a paid-post…I don’t do such things. LOL*

9 thoughts on “My Privileged Life

  1. wahhh… u sure u will get so many privileges? or… can u really use all of them?

  2. can you finish up all that?

  3. how about at sbh?

  4. mar, i havent use mine!!!!!! will use it tomolo…hehe
    My Privilege Book can only be used in Kuching only.

  5. mar, u bought 2 books of MPB?

  6. Wah.. soo nice.. ya 35 is worth it.. and you don’t need to finish them all if you can’t since you have already saved more than 35.. 😉 Why don’t we have something like that here?

  7. Hey Mar, wanna send you her no. but ran out of credit!!! SOB Sorry!!

  8. zewt,
    Yes, but of course subject to terms and conditions la…You just have to know how to maximise the use of the card/vouchers based on those T&C. 🙂 Use them all? I try…but yg penting, I got back my money’s worth. Btw, Welcome back! Long time no see you here. 🙂
    No harm trying…but if can’t finish pun, no loss since I already got back my investment.
    Not this book…this is MyPrivilegeBook KUCHING 2008…maybe there’s a MyPrivilegeBook SABAH? Or not…but maybe in the future? You never know…But personally I think the people who came up with this concept are really awesome. That’s really thinking outta the box!
    Welcome to Perfect Imperfections! Thanks for dropping by! Come again… 🙂
    Used it already? The year is not gonna wait you know.. LOL. No, I didn’t buy 2. That extra one I helped buy for a friend.
    Yea, it’s really cool…hehe. Maybe they’ll have it there in the future…but at the moment, that’s uniquely ours. 🙂 Aaah…that’s ok. Somehow, cibol managed to give it to me w/o me asking…hmm…

  9. […] thanks also to My Privilege Book for treating me to my own […]

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