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My sweetie…

Boulevard Kuching vs. tHeSpring Kuching
Scoreboard* : 3 – Infinity
*based on the number of times I’ve been to it since their respective opening, and please note that Boulevard opened earlier than tHeSpring
So why do I love tHeSpring so much?
Reason #1: My favourite chocolate bar!
Trust me…tHeSpring‘s TaKiong is the only place in the whole of Sarawak (except maybe Sibu – I’m not sure, maybe Sibu TaKiong also got) where I’ll ever find these delicious babies…

Yummy yum…
I have been looking for these for years! The last time I actually had a MilkyWay was literally a decade ago when I was still living in Brunei. That was not a mini but a full bar. Forget that, even a mini doesn’t exist in Brunei anymore…at least not that I’m aware of…

And then I finally saw them when I went to Shah Alam in January…but they were freakin expensive! Each mini cost almost RM1! And at the LCCT, they sold the 23minis pack for about RM25! So I only bought 2 pieces and then didn’t get a chance to eat it! 🙁
Imagine my delight at finding out I could get it the 23minis pack here in tHeSpring for just RM16.80 (1 piece=70cts)…

And I was even lucky to have an extra 1 piece in the pack I bought…yes, I counted! LOL. 😀
And now you know how much I love MilkyWay.
Now you know what chocolate to get me as a gift! 😉
Have a Blessed Easter everyone!
To know more about the MilkyWay, click here. FYI, it’s the European/Australian version, not the American one.

19 thoughts on “My sweetie…

  1. beware of getting fatter 😛 haha J/K
    You’ve seen me before? hmm

  2. Hello, mar! Sibu’s Ta Kiong oso got lah!!! Aiyor…chocolates are like men! They go straight for the hips!!! Wakakakaka!!! BTW, I’m sure KIA got lah!! Buy 2, 1 free!!!

  3. Okay, this is one chocolate that I have yet to try 😀 If you like it so much, mar, then it must be really good eh?
    oh suituapui… men goes straight for the hips is it? Are you speaking from your own experience?? LOL

  4. VC,
    You look farmiliar…
    but unless you’re on a Witness Protection Programme and your named used to be B****, then I don’t think you’re him. 😀
    Not getting fatter la…no worries…
    Got ah? Then next time you know what kind of love I want from Sibu…hehe…Sure meh KIA got??? Never seen it pun…but if got sure hen kui maa…fei ji chang maa…
    When you put “chocolates are like men” there I thought the tag line would be “they’re so hard to find.” But knowing STP, why am I not surprised… LOL. P/S: This blog is rated U ok… 😉
    It is! Do try it, if you can find it…Its sweet and succulent…it’s the chocolate of all chocolates! Gosh,I’m drooling just thinking about it! *off to get my MilkyWay now* Hehe… 🙂
    And I reckon STP is speaking from experience too. Wakakaka…

  5. Rated U kah? Aiyor! Then like dat I can’t say “melt in the mouth, not in the hand” lor??? ROTFLMAO!!!

  6. ha ha ha .. if dun melt at all? susah tu

  7. STP,
    well…u said it dy rite? hahaha…
    it melts in the mouth la… 😉
    Welkam! U so busy bee in KL hor???

  8. the spring vs boulevard…dua2 bg pening palak.indiscriminate parking…traffic jam…the 2 most avoidable places in kuching for me

  9. hahaha…mun cam ia, dont jadi lah belanja u lepak there 😉

  10. ko penah blanja aku?

  11. I wrote: don’t jadi 😉
    Oh,i forgot…Thanks for dropping by! Hehe…

  12. i am waiting to kena belanja next time i am in kuching. 😀

  13. ooo…boleh…but have to wait till your hair grow…I don’t date gansters…wakakaka… 😉

  14. crap. if botak people are gangsters, tell that to all the bald uncles around you 😀

  15. Not botak people in general…
    Lex Luthor-my sweetheart botak, not a gangster…he’s the most influential sexy baldy around…Scoffield botak, also not a gangster…Charles botak also not a gangster…
    No…not botak people=gangsters…
    …just Botak Bong=gangster 😉

  16. hahaha botak bong=gangster???? How come mar??? What did he do? 😀 C’mon, tell.. tell…!! Hehehe
    p.s: You know that post about the heart colour and shoe type which you thought was a tag? It just turned out to be just that! Haha .. it’s your turn, mar… drumsticks did hers, which started it all “officially”.. I want to know if we have something in common apart from the music.. haha

  17. Hahaha…no lah…he didn’t do anything one…he’s a very guai gangster…harmless…LOL. It’s just his image now so ganas, truth be told he scares me…wakakaka… 😉
    Haha…sabar ye mel, me still not “free” to do tags yet…hehe

  18. i shall boycott this blog for smearing my name and associate it with gangster. muahahahhaha!
    ps: er mar, those are characters in movie, they are not real.. puhleaseeee…

  19. …but honestly lah, I prefered u with hair…Now you’re too hot for me to handle, studs and all…Wakakaka…
    ps: Charles not in movie la…

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