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Newbie. Me?

Working life…
So far, its tiring for sure…but an interesting experience and quite invaluable (and I’ve just been working for 4 days!)
Day 1: Newbie(s)
Arrived punctually, got assigned to my “place” in the office and was supplied with stationery and all the admin thingy – staff info, docs, etc. I tried to get a general picture of what I’d actually be doing in this job by asking questions and observing the others…
Apparently I wasn’t the only newbie. There was another girl with me. Only difference is, she had “previous experience”, I didn’t. Being newbies, the two of us “hooked up” for lunch.
After lunch, started my 1st lesson: Vouching. (For those with non-accounting background, that means to check whether the client’s, i.e the company being audited, information stated in their accounts matched what actually happened by digging up receipts of any docs that prove that that transaction really happened.)
Day 2: Still new
Again, did vouching the whole day but this time it’s to vouch client’s inventory, debtors and creditors. (Yesterday was vouching expenses) During lunch, the other newbie (let’s call her D) went to the nearest company bank to open our “staff” bank account.
Day 3: Made a new “acquaintance”
Didn’t go out for lunch cos I brought some sandwiches from home. But after lunch,I had my first stock-take (count client inventory) with a senior colleague (let’s call her J). And guess where the stock-take was…
A pig farm.
Yup, “YB turun padang”…hehe…but we didn’t count the “livestock” laa…just the other non-living stock (pig feed, medicine(didn’t know they had that!), office supplies, etc.). And throughout the “assignment”, got to know J a lil better. Oh yes, she dropped me back home after we were done too.
Day 4: Oh. So. Tired.
Yes people…tiring job but I don’t mind (much) cos it’s quite interesting. But then again, starting from scratch, EVERYTHING and EVERYDAY is a new experience. Hehe. But I am quite relieved that tomorrow (Good Friday!) I can rest (and go Mass of course.) BTW,I’m working this Saturday though.
There, just a recap of my worklife so far. Now, on a more personal note:
As you guys can see, this blog isn’t fully operational (yet)…I’m still “building up” the blog, piece by piece. One “piece” in particular is my “About” page…
See…I don’t really know what to put in it…(I’m not vain maa..hehe)…so,why dontcha guys help me out?
Just post some questions/anything you guys wanna know about yours truly and I’ll put the answers up in the “About” page…how’s that sound?
Personally,I think that’ll be best cos after what Arch asked me that day,I find that people can ask questions that you never saw coming! Hehe…
*Note: Questions asked will be screened and will only be anwered if deemed suitable. Terms and conditions apply.*

26 thoughts on “Newbie. Me?

  1. vital stats for sure.. 😀

  2. status .. what else ah? .. ermm .. food .. oh yeah ..

  3. Bong,”vital stats”? so general…pls expand. Hehe…
    Arch,”Status”?…and “Food”?
    Sure u x hv more “challenging” questions u wanna ask…?
    I swear tht sms u sent me ask if me Iban(YES Bong…he actually asked that!) was “challenging” giler…took me all my power not to come out from ur phone and wallop u…hahaha

  4. er measurements lah.. 36D 20 38 like that.. bwahahahaha! hmm.. that question from cibol asking you are iban or not really bengap la.. i told him that 😀 don’t know what he was thinking at that time haha! ok serious questions :
    1. who you look up to?
    2. describe yourself in 3 words
    3. what kind of music genre you like?
    4. what do you like about yourself?
    5. what you don’t like about yourself?
    6. why you blog?
    7. what is your iban name if you have one?
    8. do you like to be seduced or to seduce? (lol got people asked me this.. shiet)

  5. favourite spa
    favourite clothing line
    favourite perfume
    most ideal date
    these are essentials for us to know what to get you for your birthday

  6. Bong. Bengap?…hehe.But he asked so innocently I HAD to tell him and NOT kill him at the same time…hehe.
    Arch,essentials huh?Oraite…I expect sumthin really special after I answer this then…;p
    Cool guys…I reckon I’ll answer all of those.
    But have to wait lah…I haven’t yet got the time to start with my About page…hopefully over the weekend.

  7. Oh Bong…do you like to be seduced or to seduce?
    Seriously…I just had to ask you back. Hahaha…
    Well? ;p

  8. I like to close my eyes and go numb

  9. Arch,so dat means u like to BE seduced then?
    Haha…still waitin for Bong’s answer ;p

  10. I guess so .. ha ha ha

  11. that’s my question. you cannot ask me that 😀

  12. Bong,wud u answer the question if i said PPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEE?…*batter eyelashes*

  13. **choked.. cough cough dropped dead… 😀

  14. ha ha ha … may’s not here. i wonder

  15. Bong,u need CPR kah? ;p
    Arch,she’s here…she’s usually a silent reader. I think.
    So hw much ur ticket?
    Hope u didn’t buy return ticket yet…maybe can persuade u to stay till aft my bday? *batter eyelsahes* ;p

  16. freaking 120 .. ya ka? means i got to go for party is it? sounds koooool

  17. i’m here..
    birthday + gift = party
    M i suggest this equation instead;
    party – gift = birthday
    but for me, i prefer;
    party – birthday = gift

  18. oh dude.. read between the lines.. she wants you for her birthday.. ‘WANTS’

  19. Arch, no plan yet laa…but maybe sesi makan2 or sumthing. Not party la.
    (though if someone threw me surprise party..that’s be cool. ;p)
    Bong,EHEM EHEM…what I WANT is a special bday present from u two…sekian terimakasih ;p

  20. my present for you is myself. come grab me. sekian terima kasih

  21. Bong Chan Siong!
    Don’t dare me oo…you know I never NOT walk the talk…
    I’m taking your word for that…
    The BEST bday present from you…;p
    P/s-I’ll be in Sjung next month…bwahahaha…I’m claiming my present…

  22. M,
    I don’t know what happened to my comment settings…ur comment boleh masuk dlm spam pula…but I recovered it dy…hehe.
    About ur equation…
    I make my own equation,
    Party + Gift = Birthday
    So? Get ready to give me a Birthday…;p

  23. queue up, a lot people coming next month to grab me. bwahahahaha!

  24. Gosh,Bong…didn’t know you could be so…vain?Hehe…;p

  25. regardless…lots of ppl or not,I’m still claiming my pressie..LOL

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