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Of bowling, luck, food and friendships…

I know it has been lightyears since my last post…
*Thousands apologies* readers…I have no excuse…So let me just proceed to tell you what I’ve been up to this month. ๐Ÿ™‚
After my previous lucky streak bowling, I went again the week after.
This time I went with collegues. There were 5 of us colleagues, an ex-colleague, a collegue’s mom and nephew…we took up 2 lanes andย played 2 games straight! And the outcome?
This was my score for the 2nd game (which was even worse than the 1st game…)

Yea,I was the champ alright…Drain Champ aka Juara Longkang. Yeesh!
We did joke about buying 4Ds after that. The predictions – 7777, 0707, 0770…(based on my lousy scores)…
And guess what number won 2 days later? 0707. Not kidding. My collegue showed me the winning number in the papers. 0707 won consolation prize.
Too bad we didn’t actually buy the number like we “said” we would. Heh.
I also went out with Lola and her cousin for lunch one Saturday…we went to Mr Ho’s Fine Foods (NON-HALAL k..) in Crowne Plaza Towers…No reviews. I don’t do reviews. The pictures should speak for themselves.
I forgot what drinks Lola and her cousin had but mine (center) was Milk Tea.

Crispy Pork with Apple Sauce…FYI, Crispy Pork is one of Mr Ho’s specialty.

Tiger Prawn Pasta…another specialty.
Hungry dy? Hehehe…
Well, if you noticed, there were 3 of us and 3 drinks but only 2 dish…That was ‘cos I was distracted by the size of the plate my Pasta Alfredo with Ham was served in…I kept trying to figure out just the right angle to take a pic of it with my camphone, so Lola andย her cousin overtook me to take pics of their dish above. Eventually when they were done, I completely forgot I haven’t taken a pic of mine and we began eating dy. Hahaha…next time ler. But I guarantee you…Not only did it LOOK good, the taste was HEAVENLY (if you’re into cheese and pasta you won’t be dissapointed with this CHEESY dish!) and FILLING too! I was still quite full come dinner time.
I guess that’s MY review – the price may be on the high-end, but once in a while, treat yourself to good food. It was totally worth every penny.
I also had this mini reunion of sorts when out-of-the-blue an old friend working in Johor came to Kuching for her PTD assessment thingy. Immediately upon her arrival at the airport we kidnapped her and we went out for dinner and tonnes of catching up. And then another old friend came up from Bintulu and we too hung out. Most importantly, yesterday was a big day for a special friend of mine….
It was her wedding day.
I was supposed to be working yesterday but I requested from my big boss a replacement leave so that I could attend the service at church that morning…(Yes, I am the kind of person that can drop almost whatever I’m doing to be there for my friends. Strength or weakness, who knows?)
I am a very EMO (emotional) person when it comes to weddings…I was sniffing during the vows and “I Do’s” and later that night when I said goodbye to her after her wedding reception…Happy tears of course, but somehow, it’s just so overwhelming to watch a really close friend walk down the aisle, say “I Do” and watch as they start their new life as someone’s spouse…

Here was my small wedding gift to them…
A gift, a card…

A poem I made specially for my friend…

And “ang-pow” (not in the pictures) and a song (which I sang for them during the reception. Hehe..)
Three cheers to Chie & Ann!!!…May God shower His Blessings upon you and your life together…Semoga Bahagia ke Anak Cucu! Love you Chie…God Bless. ๐Ÿ™‚

11 thoughts on “Of bowling, luck, food and friendships…

  1. eh..what happen to ur bowling skill?..u didnt wear ur lucky socks ah?..huhu..bestnya chie dah kawen..when is our turn ah?..hehe..

  2. I did wear the socks..maybe the luck habis dy after we play..must get new socks evrytime play..haha..or maybe,i cannot play using my own name..kan dat day me use iza name..haha..wtvr,bila mau main lg? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Me kahwin?..after u..Lazo..dah ka?haha..

  3. chie? archie? ha ha ha .. ๐Ÿ™‚ wah mar, better luck next time. The score was really .. ermm .. totally out of this world!!!!!

  4. aaaaaaaaahh..i’m going to steal my food’s pic from you!!!
    mr.ho fine foods is at crown towers my dear, not crowne plaza. =)

  5. Cibol, ur not Chie…but come time ur wedding jangan lupa jemput…I want the best seat in the house ye… ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, better luck please…LOTS of it. LOL.
    Lola,hahaa…I owes get that confused…Curilah…I rela..Haha…So, when’s the next time go out makan somewhere worth reviewing??? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. M..maybe u wash the socks so the luck gone time dont wash the lucky socks..biar berbau..hehe..
    eeyoo..i havent get my Lazo week lah..hehe..will tell u what it is..don worry..hehe..

  7. may, white gold ka?

  8. M,eeeww…bantal busuk pun I don’t have,apalagi wanna keep unwashed socks? Hahaha…I don’t believe in lucky charms anyways. Saje je…hahaha…
    *chants* Lazo lazo lazo *chants* ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. mar, let’s go dine somewhere else next time! haha…
    eh..wut lazo2 here? lazo diamond ?

  10. Yes!!! Where? Hehe… ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lazo…diamond? White gold? Dunno…only May knows. LOL.

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