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Of Song & Dance

Recently, friends told me the Mall had new pay-by-the-hour K-box rooms instead of the pay-per-song cubicles, otherwise crudely known as “toilet karaoke, so I had to check it out…

The song “menu”

To be honest, I was not that impressed & quite dissapointed actually…

They only modified the cubicles slightly and apart from the fact that one has to pay B$10 an hour instead of B$1/song, the experience was pretty much the same. =( Ok, maybe slightly better…but I miss the proper Karaoke rooms I used to go to in Kuching.

But anyhow, at least my friend enjoyed herself. =)

Sue pouring her heart out =p

After our K-box session, we heard music rising up from the ground floor (we were on the top floor). Peering over the railings, by the back of the stage, guess what we saw?

Some perfromers doing the traditional buloh (bamboo) dance!

They were already ending then so we only got somewhat of a “teaser” performance

But we were intrigued enough to make our way to face the front of the stage.

It was the 5th Sabah Travel Fair (not unlike the Sarawak Travel Fair I chanced upon last year…)

The LIVE musicians

The Tourism Malaysia booth

Some more perfromers preparing to take the stage…

A very “proppy” dance by one of the other indigenous tribes of Sabah

This dance was cute…basically, mini-twists sideways. Just watching them I felt like joining in! =)

LIVE traditional music – ALWAYS awesome!

LIVE singing too! “Sayang Kinabalu” being sung accompanied by the Sumazau dance of the Kadazan-Dusun tribe.

All of the performances were entertaining, so we were drawn to the ground floor…

Soon, these Tribal Warriors took to the stage!

With their blowpipe…

And their shields…

They appeared to be looking for something?

Ah yes, the same-old routine at all tribal performance I’ve seen…

Popping the balloon with the dart from the blowpipe…same-old routine? yes…but it nevers get old. =)

This was then followed by another performance…

And this time we got to watch the full buloh dance! =D

Leaving the stage…

Ah…bliss… reminded of my days as a dancer in The Cultural Club in my younger days. =)

Good times… <3

2 thoughts on “Of Song & Dance

  1. The things that I always take for granted LOL! If I see that “toilet karaoke”, I’ll just pass it by… same goes with the Sabah’s cultural dance! Oh well, we have plenty of that here .. maybe, if I go someplace else for a long period of time, I’d appreciate these things hehe

    1. I don’t quite fancy “toilet karaokes” either but here there isn’t much choice hehe…and although we do tend to take things for granted but I believe deep inside, all of us are pretty patriotic, no? 😉
      P.S. I actually replied to this comment via email a few days ago…odd it didn’t show up here. Hhhhmmm…

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