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On the last days of '07

Last year (sounds so long ago when it’s only last week) I was home for Christmas.
I took 5 (working)days’ unpaid leave (since I wasn’t entitled to annual leave yet) from the 22/12/2007 to the 30/12/2007. Alang-alang? I know. But what to do? The Big Guy won’t let me stay till new year. Darn it.
Anyways, it was really good to be home and honestly, my leave is TOO short (despite The Big Guy saying it’s VERY long already) and there was not a dull day when I was there. For one thing, I never really stayed in one place once I landed at the airport!
22/12: Landed at Miri airport. My friend Charles (and gf) fetched me and took me around the city before I met up with my family and went home.
23/12: We took a studio family portrait after Mass and later went to Miri airport again to send off my bro and his wife. Then sempat meet up with Cibol (but not Amoi) and again, Charles (and gf).
24/12: Christmas Eve. My fave part of Christmas. Need I say more?
25/12: Christmas. After Mass, all the open-houses needed visiting…
26/12: More open houses…
27/12: More visiting…
28/12: More…
29/12: Darn it! My last night in Brunei? ALREADY?!
30/12: After Mass in the morning and packing in the afternoon, it was time to go…*sobs*
On the up side, I got to meet up with an old friend (aka ex-housemate in Shah Alam)… Now she’s married and has a beautiful baby girl… Awww… And they all came to say goodbye at the airport… Awww…
31/12: I’m back at work. At least my body is. My mind, heart and soul is still in Brunei…which I guess is why I spent New Year’s Eve staying in (cleaning my room – to usher in good luck for the new year?)…and not even noticing it’s midnight already until I heard the fireworks somewhere in our neighbourhood. Yup, I didn’t do any countdown…
But I managed to make the sms-highway jammed with New Year wishes… And just as I was about to sleep, Oink called to well-wish! Thanks Oink! That was sweet! Sorry I wasn’t as hyper as I should be…I was really tired and sleepy dy. LOL. 🙂
1st January 2008 and what did I do?
Sleep in till noon and stay in all day…heheh.
Yea, so that was how I spent the last days of 2007…
Kinda depressing huh? Especially after getting back from my break…

Moral of the story:
Don’t cuti alang-alang. It’s not good for you.
That said, I just wanted to share with you this bit of conversation with an old friend (we’ll call him R) on my last day in Brunei:-
R: Hey! Merry Christmas!
Me: Hey! Merry Christmas! I didn’t see you around all this while. Balik kampong?
R: Yea. How long have you been back?
Me: A week. I’m leaving for Kuching tonight.
R: Oohh…Hey! You met Kenny Sia?!
Me: (caught offguard) Err…how you know?
R: I saw the pic on your Friendster.
Me: Oohh…so you read his blog?
R: Yeah. It’s fun(ny).
Me: (Hesitates) Yeah…I used to read his blog but not anymore.
Hahaha… I can’t believe that after a long time we haven’t seen each other, meeting Mr K.Sia was the first thing he asked me? Gosh, like it or not, that guy must really be famous…
Hope that’ll give you some motivation to blog – to become famous. 🙂
Happy Blogging!

3 thoughts on “On the last days of '07

  1. and don’t take unpaid leave .. he he he. 😉

  2. Well…to me,Christmas with the family is MORE important than whether it’s paid/unpaid leave.. 🙂

  3. mar : Yes, where ur money hurts. 😉

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