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Before I started Perfect Imperfections, I had been blogging on several “platforms”
It all began when I joined Friendster and Friendster introduced blogs…Although a newbie, I was proudly one of the few “cool” Friendsterisians who knew what a blog was. 😀
During my days blogging on Friendster, I made some blog-friends and then I started reading and making friends outside of Friendster blogs…and that kinda opened my eyes to the many types of blogging platforms that are out there…
Soon, having just a Friendster blog wasn’t enough…and I started several blogs, having even up to 4 blogs at the same time! That, I learned, was difficult to maintain as I had trouble deciding on which blog I should publish a post at a given time…If I’m gonna have 4 blogs, surely I can’t have all 4 blogs having the same content! I mean, what’s the point? So in the end, I deleted the less important blogs… 😉
But I guess its true what they say about your 1st love – that you’ll never forget it. Being my 1st blog, eventhough it can no longer be called active, it’s still here…I could never, would never delete it…It’s just too “sentimental” in value…
Anyways, still thinking that having more than one blog would be “cool”, I figured, maybe if I had my own blog and just co-blogged another, that wouldn’t be too difficult right?
That proved even more difficult, especially when my co-blogger and I had very different personalities, both on screen and off…Heh. 😉
So we dissolved that partnership and I stuck to blogging on only one blog. The Top Apple was my 2nd real blog…But then, Blogger had some limitations so I ended up moving to WordPress…
And exactly on 1st April 2007, this blog was born… 🙂
It was originally named The Perfect Life, then Life Doesn’t Come With Subtitles.
And then very briefly, The Blog.
And finally, the name that stuck: Perfect Imperfections.
This could be the blog, the one and only blog which I will maintain till forever…but forever is a long time…
But I can safely say that for what its worth, I’m not moving anywhere for now…
So, Happy Birthday to Perfect Imperfections!!!

We are now ONE! 😀

16 thoughts on “One

  1. Happy Birthday Sempurna Ketidaksempurnaan!
    Should get a pacifier as a pressie since you are 1 yr old!

  2. Happy Birthday 🙂 Blog consistently my friend 😛 But I understand if one suddenly feel lazy to post.. for a period.. then come back. Hahaha!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday to Perfect Imperfections!! 🙂
    Whatla mar, blog started wayy before friendster la .. hehehe.. I know what a blog is even before friendster introduced it .. so that makes me one of you cool people juga la kan.. chewah!! Menyempat lagi puji diri.. 😀
    Bah, get your own domain .. how about that??? LOL

  4. =) happy birthday Perfect Imperfections!
    .. You know what mar, I like the name of ‘Top Apple’.

  5. lola,
    Tq tq…hahaha…its funny that you should mention pacifier…little did u know… 😉
    Arigato arigato…Support ur blogger friends. 😀
    Then that makes u my blogging senior lor…tunjuk ajarku sifu. 😉 Makaseh…
    Own domain ah??? Umm…at the moment, nah…hehe…
    I like it too! 🙂 Go la selongkar2 my old blog Top Apple if you’re free…hehe…Tq tq!

  6. yes, i did!
    interesting.. =)

  7. Happy 1st Birthday, Perfect Imperfections…or whatever you were named before this! Love your graphics, mar!!! And gee! All this while, I thought I was the only one who kept changing the name of one’s blog…and was feeling kinds embarassed about it!!!! He he he he he he!!!! Looks like we’re all the same, ya?

  8. Top Apple IS YOUR blog???? I read that blog before.. and AM REALLYYYYYY surprised that its yours….

  9. mar, I knew what blogging is then.. but I just started blogging regularly for the past few months hehehe .. to be exact – last November 😀 so when it comes to blogging … you’re the senior! hahaha age wise – I’m not sure yet… so.. boleh berkenalan??? LOL

  10. nono,
    Interesting? 😉 Well, I’d like to think I’ve become more interesting in my writings since my Top Apple days…hehe…but Top Apple also forever in my heart cos that was my 1st real blog outside of Friendster…
    Tq tq…but I can’t take compliments on the graphics cos that one I just curi off the net. Don’t you just love google? 😉 Haha… Aiya, no need embarass2 la change blog name, biasala…when come time to really name something/one special sure hard to find the perfect name maa…but once you’ve found the name then it’s forever that. 😀
    Hahaha…looks like its not just the world that’s small but the blogging world too! 😀 When did you stumble upon Top Apple? And why so surprise its me leh? 😉
    Boleh sangat2 😀 Noticed you have a thumbnail pic now…Bagus2…haha

  11. […] Sunday April 6, 2008 by mar And not just because Perfect Imperfections turned ONE… […]

  12. hmmm not sure how, maybe thru cibol.. surprise coz i really really remember top apple lor.. ur title already so distinctive.. the words also.. hehe.. so you’re like a top apple, Mar? So.. have you found the lucky guy yet? hehe..

  13. Haha..yup. Im d top apple..n there isnt yet a guy brave enuff to try n climb d tree..sigh..

  14. we chop the tree now, we don’t climb 😛 save time. hahaha!

  15. wow.. the 1st aniversary. Wonder when was mine?? Hmm.. but I have to say that your blog is interesting to read. Hehehe…
    anyway, about the name change. Also had the same old thing going on.. untill I decided.. “Hey.. what’s more original than my very own name”.. hence ,my blog now.
    Okay, I dropped my first name, coz people always says it wrongly….
    but this day is about you and your blog, and I’m blambing about myslef (my bad).. SO HAPPY BDAY PERFECT IMPERFECTIONS!!

  16. bongkersz,
    Wah?! So ganas liao…want to chop2 trees…remind me of the Big Bad Wolf. 😉
    Yup, 1st Anniversary…hopefully more to come. Kekeke…
    Yours will come before you know it…and thanks so much…*flattered* 😀
    Haha…and no worries…Yeah! Happy Bday to PIMPerfections!

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