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"Pedal to the Metal"

That would be how I would describe the speed of my life right now…
Every day seems to be cramped with activities – from the rising of the sun to well after the sun sets.
Its a given that 8-5 is “work”, every free time after that is “social work”
I have been working here for 9 months and counting and I spent the better 7 or 8 months complaining I had no life (apart from work) and was desperately bored.
Now, I don’t even have the time to even think I am bored!
I don’t even have time to cook my own meals anymore, much less to update my blog!
Admittedly though, I do miss my free time sometimes…at the speed I’m going, I think I’m gonna “burn out”...
For example,
I drove the 1-hr journey back to Seria for the weekends after work just now. (Now I am in Seria, thus able to get online and update my abandoned blog!) A few hours later, I drove another half-hour and took my family for Steamboat Dinner to celebrate Mom’s birthday. Drove another half-hour back home and here I am sitting in front of my brother’s laptop.
I intend to sleep in tomorrow because in the evening I will be driving 1-hr back to Bandar with my brother. We’ll be watching Transformers with some other friends at night. It would be too late to go back down so that means Sunday morning will have to drive another 1-hr back down in time to make it for Mass. And then Monday morning drive 1-hr back up to work!
GOSH! I anticipate a body-aching and sleepy Monday next week…
I have an “escape” (somewhat) to look forward to very soon though…the Firm’s trip to KK 18th-20th July. Woohoo!!! πŸ˜€
However, there is the H1N1 issue and we are advised to get “flu injections” before we go…it’s not to prevent you from getting the bug but to boost the immune system, so they say…
If so, can I just choose to take vitamins, fruits and veges instead of being poked? (I never did like injections…)
Well, time for bed now…
May God Bless & Keep Us All…
And, Michael Jackson…may he Rest In Peace.

3 thoughts on “"Pedal to the Metal"

  1. We did not watch Transformers as planned…what a let-down. πŸ™

  2. Hehe… I wonder if you guys have been playing Michael Jackson’s songs in the office… knowing the veterans are a BIG fan!!! πŸ˜€
    Well, the “veterans” didn’t bother…I felt like playing it but didn’t…its all over the radiowaves already. Maybe we should though. Monday. πŸ™‚

  3. Also busy myself, and I am completely complaining. Underpaid ba.. heheheh
    Hehehe…then don’t work TOO hard (no one really notices anyways!) πŸ˜‰

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