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Photos…and more

I’ve got quite a few things to share right now…but before that, here are some pics from my Waterfall Hike last month…
The Waterfall
The Waterfall
Taking a dip! Taking a dip…FREEZING water!!!
At the waterfall
The rocky area around The Falls
Suspension bridge
Suspension bridge across The Falls
On the way back... With a colleague, on the way back
I got to know my colleagues as individuals instead of just co-workers over that weekend – let’s just say that it has shed a different light on relationships at work. Which is good of course. Now work doesn’t have to be so …work-like… Get what I mean?
Anyways, after the Raya weekend, had a great weekend out with my wonderful girlfriends…it was 3Ms weekend: Mar, May, Iza (her real name begins with M too. FYI.)…hehe…
They fetched me from work on Saturday afternoon, then we went to the movies and bought tickets to watch “The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising”…There was still time before the show began so we went to have a late lunch first…
How was the movie you ask?

Well, it wasn’t that great. Wait for Uncle Ho’s dvd…hehe…but there is this one line near the end that stuck to my head (probably because it sounded so…rehearsed(?) :

“I am Will Stanton. I am the seventh son of the seventh son. I am The Seeker. I have collected five signs. The sixth sign cannot be found because it is not hidden from me. I AM THE SIXTH SIGN. And I have united the Light and defeated the Dark.”

…Or something like that. (Sorry if I spoilt it for you. LOL.)
And after the movies, we then went BOWLING.
Hehehe…it was my lucky streak…Check out my scores!
Look at my score!
Even managed a Strike and some Spares too! LOL.
Big grin before the strike... My “I’m-feeling-lucky” grin
The luck could be due to the socks we bought immediately before that…
Lucky socks
Lucky socks! Mine’s the white-and-pink one. 🙂
Iza even scored second place…Not bad for a first-timer…
Which is not what I can say for May who came in third. Hehehe…

Miss May “I want a rematch!!!”
Hahaha…so when’s the next game ladies? 😀
…And that wasn’t the end of it either. After the match, we went to K-Box and sang a few rounds before heading for a KFC dinner and then went home.
Also, it’s very likely that I’m going bowling with colleagues day after tomorrow too! Hehe…
So yea, life’s good…and even better news came from home.
There’s gonna be a baby in the house! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Photos…and more

  1. WAlao eh…… soooo high…
    wey my top score didn’t even pass 100 ler…

  2. Haha…my lucky streak…I never scored above 100 before either.
    Wearing my lucky socks again tomorrow…hope to beat my own score. 🙂

  3. weii…laz line..
    “There’s gonna be a baby in the house!”
    ???…so, become aunty in future la? hehe

  4. Iza…yup! 😀

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