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Prologue (aka ProPinoy)

The following took place on Wednesday, 15th October 2008:-

“The Great Pinoy Adventure”

As it is with all great adventures, we will first begin by introducing the cast… 😉

Meet our adventurers:

This is our cast from Kuching. (I arrived from Brunei the day before.)

ProPinoy (7) by you.

Waiting for our flight to Kota Kinabalu.

From back to front:

Fabian (Fab), Mar (Me lah!), Teddy (Ted), Lindsay (Say) and Rimie (Mie)

Lemme just enlighten you on how the cast was made up okay? 😉

More than half a year ago, that is in February 2008, AirAsia was having those very cheap airtickets on sale and I was itching to go travelling somewhere. Thus, knowing that Fab had travelled abroad before, I asked if he had any plans to travel. He called me up and told me that there were plans to go to the Philippines. Despite not knowing any of the others well (yet) then, I immediately jumped at the chance and bought tickets in the following days. So basically, it was an ensemble cast – all of us just thrown into the picture because we had one thing in common – We wanted to travel. 😀

So yeah, in case you should wonder why I suddenly went to the Philippines, NOW you know this was NOT a sudden thing at all. I just kept it under wraps because between the long gap of buying the tickets and the travelling itself, anything could have prevented the trip from materialising. One such thing occured when I got my current job in Brunei. Fortunately, my current Boss allowed me to take advance leave despite I’ve only been working for say, a month. 😉

ProPinoy (16) by you.

Arrived at Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 2.

Ignore the date on this picture. It’s actually the 15th. It does NOT take a day to reach KK from Kuching. 😉

Our flight landed at around midnight. (Owh! That must be why the date is 16th dy. Haha!) Our friends Ben, Young and Michele (Chel) came to fetch us. The latter also joined us for our Philippines trip. 🙂 We stayed at Ben’s house in Putatan, about half-an-hour from the airport. It was a kind of reunion since we all haven’t seen each other for quite awhile so we all had supper first before settling for the night.

The following day, 16th October, the cast (including Chel) went to Centrepoint KK to “acquire” some Pinoy currency. For the record, the exchange rate then was 100PHP (pesos) = RM7.50 or RM1 = 13.3333PHP.

Soon, it was time to board our flight to Clark, Manila…

ProPinoy (23) by you.

Me, Say, Chel, Mie at KKIA…and the guys (not in the picture) departing to Manila.

All of us brought about at least 10,000 pesos (RM750) each…

We would eventually find out that this was NOT enough…

~To be continued~

Next: Day 1 (Arrived in Manila)

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