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Destination: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Timeframe: 18th-20th July 2009
Duration: 72 hours (approx.)
1) Invade (peacefully) as much ground as possible.
2) Fully utilise all resources available.
Status: Mission Accomplished
Now, the reason why I consider this a “Mission” is because I have always wanted to go to Sabah. Yes, despite the fact that I grew up quite near to it and spent the most of my life on the same island, I’ve never been there! But now, I HAVE! 😀
And if going to KK wasn’t good news already, this whole “Mission” was practically FREE!!! (with the exception of shopping money of course)COOL huh?!
Yup, I mentioned this trip earlier and yeah…we’re back and we had lotsa fun and adventures…so, keep on reading and enjoy the pictures! 😉
~To be continued~
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