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This will be a brief entry. Just a lil update while I wait for my Dad to get his hair cut…
Since my last post, life has been…an extreme rollercoaster ride.
Work was OK, except for a certain aspect of it which I’m not entirely fond of. I survived my first week already. A story for another time. But apart from that, all’s OK. My new boss and colleagues have been kind, so far.
Apart from adapting to a new workplace, etc. I also have to adapt to living on my own – something which seems to be harder than I thought it would be. Honestly, I AM DAMN BORED. I have a house all to myself, fully furnished and half of the rent is paid-for by the Firm. It’s near to the office and the big Malls people here love to go to…Yet, I AM DAMN BORED.
Living alone sucks.
That’s why I still prefer going back home (where my parents and siblings are) during non-working days like weekend or public hols. Eventhough our house there is much smaller than MY house, I’d rather be there than where I have to be…
“Home is where the heart is.”
I can really understand what that phrase means now.
It doesn’t matter whether you live in a palace, or have the fanciest car or have the riches of riches…if your heart’s not in it, it’s all meaningless…
I miss my small home. I miss my friends left behind. I miss Kuching.

10 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. Your Home Sick obviously.
    I have to admit that staying alone does habe its moments of loneliness.. but when you think of the privacy you get.. with broadband.. there’s so much to do.
    If you have broadband, why not download some series like One Tree Hill or House.. it would make things better.
    Mar: Uve no idea how homesick i am.I drove up to work ystdy n then aft work went all d way bck home agn.Only 2nite I stay aft last wk Wed..That pun bcos too tired to travel 2hr+ daily if I return.Plan to go home agn 2mrw if Im x tired.N unfortunately,i x hv broadband.Havin d net might make it easier.For nw i juz surf on my phone.

  2. Hai hai ! No, you don’t know me and I don’t know you. I am just surfing around when I come across your blog on magandpat. I too, prefer the old traxxfm. Now that it has changed to travel and music, I miss all the voices of the male announcers. I think fat DJ Mary is such a show off with her American English. She is from Sabah in case you are wondering if she is from America. Anyway, I hope their bosses would allow the former male announcers to present programmes again. Somehow male announcers are better in this sort of DJ work. Peace.
    Mar: Hai! Hai! Welcome to PIMP! Its been ages i last tuned into traxx so ive x idea wats happened now.Plus,now im in Brunei n we cant quite get traxx here.U mean there’s no more male DJs??Thats odd.Neways,thanks 4 droppin by n come again ya! 🙂

  3. Aiyo… cheer up Mar! I second cdason’s suggestion. Download all the tv series, then u won’t have time to feel bored or alone. Better still, venture into Facebook if you haven’t done so. I’m ditching my blog for fun in Facebook. Hehe.. oops.. this is btwn u n i ok? lol… Hope u’ll get used to the new place soon. Take care now 🙂
    Mar: What?! U ditching blog?! :p Im dy on FB bt frankly i x knw wat d hypes abt.I prefer gud ol fstr.Lol! Yea,those are gud suggestions.The prob is i x hv internet connection at my place.Yet?Thanks 4 d concern.Juz kp visitin my blog.At least i’ll be too bz replying comments to b bored then. 🙂

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  5. Halo there..How r u? Plz don’t tell me ur bored there. Jgn lemah smgt oi…Takes tym la…mcm tak biasa. Just now, me ted lindsay went out to celebrate Julian’s 20th bday wif Puyang Dom n Chabo. Mamam at Pending seafood with 7dishes!!! Licin uih…hahahahaha..Joyce went back to cbu coz got family prob. Si ‘POK’ has lost contact, hehehehe…Other fren seems to be ok ok la..Keep in touch!
    From Kch wif love, cewah!
    Mar: For sum1 who wnts to be anonymous,u x seem to mind dragging othr ppl’s names here huh dear? 😉 Apart frm being bored aft office hrs,im ok..
    Miss me pls! Cos im goin home nxt mth aft Raya.I hope. 🙂

  6. yeah..try to dload tv series like me doing it a few months back. Hee Hee…ooo ooo, wers my B$50 note? Heee Heee
    Mar: Better yet..Why x u juz come down and work here?We can be housemates! And then u can frame as much B$ as u pls(since u earned it urself 😉 ) Heck,i’ll buy u d 1st frame u’ll need! Lol!

  7. no wonder they say rich people who lives in big hse who doesn’t hv anyone with them are lonely… ‘home is where the heart is’ is indeed true
    Yes! No matter what happens in the future…if rich/not, lonely/not…I’m NOT getting a BIG house unless THE WHOLE FAMILY stays under one roof! Now that would be super cool!!! 😉

  8. Hahahahaha! I LOVE Pris’ comment. Mary IS in fact Sabahan, but she picked up her english in the states where she spent her childhood. You wanna battle with her in Sabahan dialects? Sure! Hahahahahahahah! I find this so funny in a sense that you’re most probably just jealous because she is very much adored and sounds awesome! 😉
    Everyone has their own opinion. 🙂 Welcome to PIMP.

  9. I miss the old Traxxfm too, but I don’t think the Djs are THAT bad… Sure, they got some annoying ones, but its really all good. Better than, I dunno, some other stations I know. And DJ Mary is NOT fake! And shame on you for calling people fat with a negative tone! What are we? Unevolved specimens? Geez…
    But Centaur is right, Mary picked up the accent from Illinois, where she spent her childhood. In fact, her entire family speaks like that, just because the ones that did spend time in US picked it up, while the ones that didn’t managed to live the glory days of English medium schools… That’s about real as her English gets, but believe me, if she goes Malay or Sabahan or Dusun, she’s like every other Sabahan out there. La’s and bah’s all along the way, with weird hybrid words and all… But her english is just like that. It’s a second language, she has a right to speak it the way she wants…
    But on the subject of Traxxfm, I am really bummed that they’re a station that is just so, I dunno, fake? Not fake as in phony, but really, we all know that there are downsides of M’sia in every aspect. Being a station that is out to make it all look pretty and dandy is just… Whatever. I’m still not buying. I’ve seen a lotta bad stuff here. Gotta take that in consideration. The music is still good, though. For now that is…
    No comment. As I mentioned, I don’t listen to Traxx anymore… Welcome to PIMP.

  10. […] Brunei to be my home as well since I grew up here. But that didn’t prevent me from being homesick when I first started working here half-a-year ago. Note the past tense? Well, since then, my […]

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