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Yea! I can post with lower case! ^^
Anyways,I am currently at the Immigration office in KB and I figure I have at least half an hour to kill. What better opportunity to update my blog!
Its about half a month since my last post,which was funnily all in CAPS,and now we’ve almost come to the end of Jan. Imagine,just 30 days ago we just celebrated New Year! I would say time flies,but as my bro pointed out last nite,Jan does in a way feel slow as well..but personally,the 1st 2wks of Jan was 1 of the best weeks of my life..this last 2wks,not as much,but thanks to VYA for keeping me busy! Looking forward to our Bowling Nite tonite and Life Nite next week! 😀
I know its almost 2 mths into the New Year,but I think its not too late to make a New Years Resolution rite? Or,to renew the New Year Resolution we have already made but already failed at in Jan perhaps? :p I didnt make any, but I’d like to make one now. My New Year Resolution for 2010 is:
To save! And with good motivation – I want to go to WYD2011 in Madrid! Also,someone told me the ideal savings is that which amounts to at least 6mths worth of ur salary – which is kinda difficult since Im only guaranteed to still be here for the next 5mths (my permit expires in June) – but I shall try my bestest and God willing,my permit shall be renewed..
Its been a life-changing experience working here in Brunei for the past 1 1/2 year..I finally found a sense of belonging here,although I did grow up here,thanks to our beloved Bishop and the VYAs – friends that are as good as family – you guys are a blessing to me. Eventho nw some have left us (physiically you may be in the Philippines or France or Kuwait) you are still with us in spirit and in prayers and I thank God for that!
Lastly, I guess I just wanna say THANKS for making the past year a memorable one and looking forward to journeying together in 2010!

5 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. M..sure they renew ur permit one..rugi bah if they terminate asset bah..hehe..

  2. Collecting money for Madrid?/ Wow…
    Singapore pun I have to think twice.. Madrid will be thinking 5x!

  3. M,
    hope Im an asset and not a long-term liability! (Rmbr my post on that?) LOL!
    yup…yes, really need to save…hope I can manage! (The “budget” is BND 4K!) *gulps*

  4. 6 months salary… a year? is that possible?
    that’s 50% savings a year!

  5. I think what 6mths savings means is to maintain a savings worth 6mths of ur salary at any given time instead of saving 50% of ur salary every year (that may be possible but i bet its vy challenging) which would be more possible..i think.. ;p
    And hey ya zewt! Long time no ‘see’. Hope ur gud in the year of the Tiger! 😀

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