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Remember them?

I dunno about you but I kinda grew up watching…
Dawsons creek credits.jpg
That was about the time I was in high school and even up to my junior years in University…
The main characters: (L-R) Jen Lindley, Dawson Leery, Pacey Witter, Joey Potter

The series is known for the verbosity and complexity of the dialogue between its teenaged characters—who commonly demonstrate vocabulary and cultural awareness that went beyond the scope of the average high school student, yet that is combined with an emotional immaturity and self-absorption reflecting actual teenswiki

It was the unique relationship going on between the two characters, Dawson & Joey, that got me hooked on the series…
At night (and sometimes during the day too), she would climb into his bedroom through his bedroom window, and they would share a bed and totally not make out but instead watch movies together all the while criticising the film and talking about everything under the sun and yet you could just tell that they had unspoken feelings for each other, which was quite agonizing to watch sometimes…and I think those feelings were never really dealt with in the show either. And they remained just best friends?! Darn it.
Strangely, after Dawson’s Creek, no one knows what happened to the cast…
Well, except for Joey getting hitched to one of the most sought-after male actors in Holywood…Shame on you if you don’t know that I’m talking about Mrs Tom Cruise aka Katie Holmes aka Josephine “Joey” Potter in Dawson’s Creek
And then I stumbled unto this very recent article by Los Angeles Times on 10 of the cast members…
It was good to know that the actors playing the characters of a series I loved are alive and kicking (some better than the others) and here were my fave actors, all grown up:-
James Van Der Beek, 'Ugly Betty' 
James Van Der Beek
You knew him as: Dawson Leery, the Steven Spielberg-obsessed/Joey Potter-soul-mate protagonist of “Dawson’s Creek.”
Now you know him as: Dawson Leery, the Steven Spielberg-obsessed/Joey Potter-soul-mate protagonist of “Dawson’s Creek.”
Where you’ll see him next: Van Der Beek occasionally shows up in guest spots on television shows — he recently played an obnoxious advertiser on “Ugly Betty.” This year, he has a small part in the film “Boy in the Box” with Josh Lucas.

Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes
You knew her as: Lanky tomboy Joey Potter.

Now you know her as: Mrs. Tom Cruise, the girl with the golden haircut, mother of Suri and a recently announced new Armani line. She occasionally still acts, but that seems marginal.
Where you’ll see her next: Some (but not too many) just saw her in “Mad Money” with Queen Latifah and Diane Keaton. She’s currently in pre-production for a movie called “The Other Side” with Woody Harrelson and Jason Lee.

Joshua Jackson, 'Shutter'
Joshua Jackson
You knew him as: Good-natured class clown Pacey Witter.

Now you know him as: Despite having made a bunch of movies since his days on “Dawson’s,” starred alongside Patrick Stewart in a successful play in London’s West End, and gotten in a fight with a security guard while drunk, Jackson is still best known as the good-natured class clown Pacey Witter.
Where you’ll see him next: Jackson stars in the horror film “Shutter” opening this weekend. He’s also rumored to be playing Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher (the newspaper detective character that Chevy Chase made popular) in a new installment of the franchise — “Fletch Won” — slated to come out in 2009.

Michelle Williams, 'Brokeback Mountain' 
Michelle Williams
You knew her as: Jen Lindley, the bad girl with a heart of gold.

Now you know her as: Oscar-nominated actress for her role in “Brokeback Mountain,” bereaved ex of Heath Ledger.
Where you’ll see her next: Starring in a host of movies with high-profile costars. In 2008, she has four films scheduled for release including “Incendiary” with Ewan McGregor; “Deception” with Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackman; the Charlie Kaufman film “Synecdoche, New York” with Philip Seymour Hoffman; and “Mammoth” with Gael Garcia Bernal.
And one of my fave scene in the entire series which I remember till now is this:
Joey singing “On My Own” by Les Miserables at a Pageant, and you can tell it’s about Dawson (everything always is about him)
I absolutely adored her (so you can imagine I was happy when she landed Mr Cruise 😉 )and I love that song!!!
Well…that was certainly a trip down memory lane…
Next: Beverly Hills 90210 hahaha…maybe 😉

15 thoughts on “Remember them?

  1. I remember the title, but nothing about the series itself … haha but do I remember Beverly Hills 90210 vaguely. I bought the soundtracks too! The song “Saving Forever For You” by Shanice is still one of my favourite songs today 😉

  2. Never watch the series but I know it was one of the most watched series…Oooo katie holmes came from this series…

  3. Honestly, I only watched the show because of Joey Potter. Yes Katie Holmes 🙂 I already knew her way back then, cute girl hard to miss. But never expect her to be with Tom Cruise muahahahaha! Cilaka Tom Cruise, dah tua bangka, bagi lah chance to youngsters…

  4. melbie,
    Rugi…it was a great series…If have reruns here in Malaysia sure I’ll watch again…haha…
    90210 eh? For my next trip down memory lane… 😉
    Like I said to melbie…rugi if didn’t watch. If got reruns make sure watch…hehe… 🙂 Yes, Katie Holmes is from this series…
    Yea…she was really cute. Like I said, I adore her and I can really connect to her character…Love ’em both to infinity!!! 😀
    Never expect huh? Haha…expect the unexpected, that’s what they say…LOL. You know, she actually said she wanted to marry Tom Cruise when she was a little girl…and then she actually did!!! SO COOL!!! How many people can actually achieve such dreams of marrying a celeb/royalty? If I could then here’s my wish:
    Can or not? 😉

  5. Never watched Dawson’s Creek. Hehehehe… Prince William? Good luck on that! hehehehhe.. Wah, Katie Holmes so lucky wan..

  6. hehe rugi?? Not really la hehe.. but I’ll watch it if there’s rerun here in Malaysia..
    Prince William huh? So tamak la you .. hehe

  7. drumsticks,
    AMEN to that! 😉
    Yea…she’s one lucky gal…
    How could you say that mel? Tamak??? *sobs* I don’t want to marry him for his wealth…I want to marry him because he’s just too adorable…minat him since I was a little girl… *sobs*
    …It’s just a coincidence that he’s royalty and by default extremely rich!!! 😀

  8. muahahahhaha! dream on!!!! *rubs it in*

  9. bwahahhaha mar! what a coincidence huh?? *high 5 bongkersz* LOL

  10. bongkersz,
    U r so mean… 🙂
    A convenient one! 😉
    And ur mean too! 😀

  11. love Dawson’s Creek. Now I think One Tree Hill replaces it.. Too bad.. I can’t find a replacement of Friends..

  12. Replace FRIENDS?! Nothing will ever replace that! Hands down…FRIENDS is just legendary…
    Dunno about One Tree Hill replacing Dawson’s Creek either. I don’t watch it. Haha…But I love The O.C.!!! 😀

  13. i am a big fan of dawson’s creek… love joey n dawson… so bad they remained just best frenz.. i want a happy ending some more…

  14. …sometimes maybe being just best friends IS the best ending??? 😉
    I know…I wished so too…Wonder what would happen if Dawson’s Creek got reunion episode…everyone all grown up…that would be cool huh? hehe…

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