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Riviera Cafe, Kuala Belait

I have been in Brunei for almost 6 months now, and if I said I haven’t been “eating out” at all during that time, THAT would be a lie. πŸ˜‰
Although I don’t eat out all the time (I do cook as well maa…), I must admit that I’ve tried quite a number of eating places throughout Brunei. (Note: Brunei is a relatively small country so that’s not exactly not possible.) That said, I believe its more than about time I posted about some of them…
Beginning with the most recent place I tried: Riviera Cafe, Kuala Belait.

It’s located behind the Riviera Hotel in Kuala Belait and honestly, I had my eyes on this place since quite a while (before I began working here even) because the atmosphere just seems really nice…

It’s divided into 2 sections: Open Air and Indoors.
This view is from the Indoors where it’s lined with glass walls and air-conditioned. The Open Air area is…open air lah.

I went with my bro and we chose to sit indoors since it was less affected by the setting sun’s rays. (It was around 6pm+.)

The view is nice, even from indoors since the glass walls allowed a view of the Belait River as well. (Is it the Belait River?…hahaha.)

Behind that glass panel is the Kitchen Area.

And that door leads to the Kitchen.

And here is me deciding on what to order! πŸ˜‰
They have…

Appetizers, Soups and Sandwichesquite expensive I think!

Asian Foodreasonably priced.

Western Food and also Side Orders (or Finger Foods)…expensive, but that would be expected!

They even have Indian Food! (Reasonably priced.)
And of course, they have set dishes (i.e. those that come with rice)
Not much choices for drinks though…

Reasonable price for a place like this I suppose.
Anyways, so we ordered…

Iced Horlicks (B$2.00) and Iced Kasturi (B$1.50)

Buttermilk Prawn which came with:

A plate of steamed white rice for B$4.50.
(Not bad since some places have such sets at B$5.00 or more.)
My bro had Buttermilk Chicken with rice, also B$4.50.
The verdict: B$12.50 for 2 persons. Reasonable price for the nice ambience and the nice food. The drinks are nothing to shout about though.
But I wouldn’t mind coming again…to try the other dishes they have to offer!

2 thoughts on “Riviera Cafe, Kuala Belait

  1. Pattaya fried rice S9.00 = over RM20!!! *pengsan!!! Nice place though! If I go Brunei, you belanja me makan there, ok? Hehehehehehe!!!!
    My dear STP, look again. Its actually B$5.00, not B$9.00…hehehe…Sure. No problem…

  2. aiyo .. ok bah tu. ko kan bergaji brunei dollar bah .. he he he. inda ada yg mau di-iran kan bah
    Apa kan? Jeles kali ah…liat ku kan belanja STP. πŸ˜‰ Agatah lai…datang ja sini…LOL!

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