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RWMF 2012: The End is The Beginning

I regrouped with the @SWKBLOGS Media Team  at the Performers’/Media Camp* for dinner. It was the final night of the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) and we were all excitedly looking forward to the performance that night. *Photo c/o Yvonne

Soon enough, we all found ourselves right at the front of the Jungle (main) stage where Drums of Malaysia warmed the crowd up with an energetic performance:

Photo c/o Garner

But THIS was what I was waiting for…

Thanks Ben for this photo!

Photo courtesy of Sarawak Travel (got this from Yvonne)

HATA (made up of musicians from Korea, Malaysia, Turkey, Taiwan and Azerbaijan) takes to stage as the first act. Why was I looking forward to them? Just check out their opening!

Photo source: Travillion’s FB compilation album


I love that big drum…and doesn’t this just tingle down your spine? 🙂

The other instruments were also cool!

Photo c/o Ben

Meet Samuel Dass & his sitar (Awesome!) – Malaysia’s contribution to the ensemble

Photo source: Travillion’s FB compilation album

Here’s a more upbeat piece by them:


But in the end, it’s still the drums that do it for me! 🙂


Especially him…hehehe


Next up was Oreka TX from Spain!

Photo c/o Ben

I was left mesmerized by the txalapartas – how can wood and stone (and apparently ice too from the video they showed in the background) make these melodic tunes?! – just WOW!

Listen for yourselves:



Now at this point, I just thought they were showing-off (in a good way 😉 ):


However, we were getting hungry (and the Heinekebana was calling) so we went off – which was why, once again, I missed seeing the Mongolian throat singing of Khusugtun when 1 of them came on stage to perform with Oreka TX in the last 15 mins! 🙁

Thanks Lindy for this photo!

At least I could hear him through the speakers set up throughout SCV loud and clear this time though. 🙂

Looked like Hiro of Heroes here. 😉 [Photo source: Travillion’s FB compilation album]

Next was Rhythm of Borneo, Samuel Dass (yes, he was the one with HATA earlier) & Prakash (Malaysia) and the Carimbo Drums of Brazil. No photos/videos though as after we got back with food and a can of chilled Heineken each (apparently, you could choose to have draft beer at the cabana or “take away” 😉 ), we were content to just sit down (in view of the stage of course), hang up our cameras and just enjoy the music. 🙂

After that was Mamadou Diabate’s Percussion Mania of Burkina Faso – now that was something!

Photo source: Travillion’s FB compilation album


Video source: xmambang

We made our way through the crowd and back to the front of the stage again then, as we were pumped up and ready for the final act and grand finale, but before that was the Native Chanting and Sape & Warrior of Sarawak.

Native chanting [Photo c/o Ben]

Photo courtesy of Sarawak Tourism Board’s RWMF album

Finally, the long-awaited final act for the night shook the main stage, literally!


Kanda Bongo Man – now they’re all about the shaking! 😉 [Video – Manaweblife]

You ready?

No, this is NOT a stick-up. 😉 [Photo source: Travillion’s FB compilation album]






I searched high and low for this video (cos I was too busy dancing to take my own) so thanks to sildjune for uploading this! 😀

I did manage to take these 2 videos though:

Dontcha just wanna sway…? 

And doesn’t he just remind you of King Julien of Madagascar? I LIKE! 😉

But alas, all good things must come to an end. With that final performance, they welcomed back all the performers for the 15th RWMF back on stage for the Grand Finale:




I just love how they’re all just enjoying themselves!

Khusugtun – they don’t just throat-sing, they party too! 😉 [Photo c/o Ben]

Time to bring on the Confetti!!!



Here’s how it was like as we walked away from the main stage:


Yes, some people were wrestling in the mud. RWMF is apparently never complete without it…

Photo c/o Ben

Where did the mud come from? Your guess is as good as mine, especially considering it didn’t rain throughout the 3 nights… 😀

With that, the 15th RWMF has come to an end, and yet it is only but the beginning of the countdown to the next – Yes, we have the dates! The 16th Rainforest World Music Festival will be held on 28-30 June 2013. 😀

If you’ve never been to a RWMF before, I hope my RWMF 2012 series of posts has made you realise that it is absolutely worth going to (don’t worry about the mud, that’s purely optional and it’s fine if you don’t roll that way, neither do I 😉 ) but if you’re still not convinced, I’ll just leave you now with what my crush from HATA thinks of the RWMF:

For the record, this is an exclusive shot as he especially posed as such for my camera only! 😀

Up next, the final post on my own personal highlights of the RWMF 2012. 😉

Note: ALL photos/videos in my RWMF 2012 series of posts are those taken by me, unless otherwise stated as that from the Sarawak Tourism Board, the @SWKBLOGS Media Team or other sources.

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  1. Darn it! Marg. My feet keep on tapping to your KIBASA videos hahaha. Nice post here. Love the vids as always 😉

    1. Ehehe…I second Lindy’s idea of a KIBASA greeting when we meet again! Hahaha! =D

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