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The REAL Sada Borneo

Having taken Asia by storm the past week, I’d like you to meet some awesome guys I personally adore who need no further introduction.

With Sada Borneo in Brunei Darussalam (2014)

That’s definitely the case in Malaysia and to some extent, here in Brunei.
With over 11,000 followers on their official-and-verified Facebook page, more than 1.2K on their Instagram and even surpassing One Direction in Malaysia’s Top 100 on iTunes at #23…

Our song is at no. 23 in Malaysia iTunes Top 100 Songs | Hot Music Charts!!!!!!! This is so unexpected!!!! Thank you…

Posted by Sada Borneo on Rabu, 8 April 2015

…and #81 on Brunei’s Top 100, topping Coldplay!

"OUR SONG MADE IT TO THE TOP 100 IN BRUNEI DARUSSALAM!Sada Borneo is at no. 81 in Brunei Darussalam iTunes Top 100…

Posted by Sada Borneo on Rabu, 8 April 2015

Here’s 2 words that have been on everyone’s lips:
Their audition video at AXN’s “Asia’s Got Talent” (AGT) went viral after it was aired last week.
Their story has been published in some of Malaysia’s mainstream media in English, Bahasa and Chinese.

"ABUZZ OVER RAINFOREST SOUNDS" – The Star NewspaperThank you for featuring us in The Star Newspaper last Saturday!…

Posted by Sada Borneo on Ahad, 5 April 2015

Out Today on RAP Harian Metro!Credit to Georgie Joseph from Harian MetroThank you!#sadaborneo #asiasgottalent #hmetro #malaysianteam #news

Posted by Sada Borneo on Rabu, 8 April 2015

Astro Awani also ran a story on them. While Caltex is following their “Journey To Stardom”.
…and social media is abuzz with anything and everything they can find about this band.
Which is why this post is not about what everyone already knows (or think they do) about Sada Borneo (SB), but it is about debunking some SB “facts” which are not exactly correct. Why? Because it’s doing an injustice to them to not be properly written about.
Let’s start with the obvious:
SB Myth#1:

They are a 5-member band.

There were only 5 members at the AGT audition but that’s not the whole gang. There are actually 11 members! Trust me. Otherwise, check it out yourself:
Have you not seen their music video? The whole group is in it – and then some.
Read their Facebook page/website. It is clearly stated there.
And if you’re observant enough, you would have noticed that there’s even another member of theirs in the Caltex advertisement!
SB Myth#2:

They are from Sarawak.

At the audition they clearly said “We’re from Malaysia.”
Everybody keeps asking them where they’re from. If they’d just listen to what they’ve already told us from the start.
SB Myth#3: 

They are new.

Again, they may be new to most but they have been around for a few years now.
And as I was typing this, look what was published on their Facebook page!:

Many people wanted to know more about us… so here it is!
Sada Borneo consist of 11 members, with 5 of us representing the band in Asia’s Got Talent Judges Audition.
We are good friends in university even before this band started. With the same passion for music, we ended up becoming Sada Borneo few years ago.

Our origin? We are from all corners of Malaysia.
We would like to thank all of you guys for the amazing support and encouragement ever since the episode aired in AXN. It is truly heartwarming!
We are proud to represent Malaysia!
For more info, you can refer to our official website by clicking on the link below:

Great minds think alike? Hahaha…
Well said Sada Borneo. Keep it up guys! 😀
Be great! But remain humble. Always.

4 thoughts on “The REAL Sada Borneo

  1. Congrats to your bro & the rest of the boys. Great performance, hope they will do well. Will have to think of something different for the next round…and all that follow. Traditional ethnic costumes perhaps, incorporate a little ethnic dancing – those who are mobile/can move…play one of David Foster’s songs…or Vaness’…or Anggun’s Snow in the Sahara perhaps, something different each time.

    1. Thank you STP for the support! 🙂
      Keep ’em in your prayers yea.

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