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Sarawak comes to Brunei

I went with a couple of friends to The Mall after work to catch “How To Train Your Dragon” – AWESOME movie!!!
Am so glad that Radical persuaded me to watch it!
However, this post ain’t about the movie, but it’s about what I was fortunate to witness after the movie…
The minute I stepped out of the movie theatre, I could hear this beautiful awesome music that sounds so farmiliar to me…
I was drawn towards it like bee to honey!
What was it?
It was the beautiful sound of a Sape!!!

Sarawak Travel Fair at The Mall, Brunei feat. Jerry Kamit

And as soon as I was looking over the railings from the top floor, they started playing “Puteri Santubong”!

I realised then that I SSSSSOOOOOOOOO miss Kuching!

True, I’ll be in Kuching soon enough but half of me wished I had extended my leave so I could stay longer next weekend…
Also, I SSSSSSOOOOOOOOO want to go to the RWMF this year….HOPEFULLY my schedule and finances will allow me too…
I took a little video of them but I can’t seem to upload it here so do check it out on my Facebook ok? Hehe…
P.S. Anyone planning to go to RWMF this year? Heard the tickets prices have increased… 🙁

3 thoughts on “Sarawak comes to Brunei

  1. M..miss Kch ha?..come back la..hehe..bah lets go to RWMF..i never go..never gago or thought of going but maybe this year yes..hehehe..

  2. Too bad I’m not going to RWMF this year or we would have the chance to see each other again 🙂

  3. M, benar this u wnt to go? Dont tempt me! Me cari kaki jak this..hehehe..
    Melbie, ur not volunteering again? Why? Knw if theyre still looking for volunteers?

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