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Sax-cited for Borneo Jazz Festival 2012

For a number of years, I have heard about the Borneo Jazz Festival (formerly known as Miri International Jazz Festival) but never managed to go.

Quoting from the Borneo Jazz website: This change [of name] is to reflect the growing stature of the festival among leading jazz festivals in the region.

How awesome is that eh?

So, when I found out there was an online promotion for the tickets in February, I knew it was time to finally check it out! 😉

Here’s the programme. The main show begins tonight but there are some stuff already happening in Miri since yesterday. Do note the craft bazaar beginning today at 2pm! 😉

Click here to find out more about the performers!

And then just 2 days before the festival, opportunity came knocking:

The Borneo Jazz Festival is this weekend, and you could be selected to cover (and of course enjoy) the whole event as a media!!

This was the most exciting form I ever had to fill in (Thank you Sarawak Bloggers for this opportunity!):

me-dia ac-cre-dit-a-tion – to me, this was a dream since I’ve always wanted to get into journalism in this sense.

And indeed, I was one of the few selected to cover the Borneo Jazz Festival 2012!!!


I don’t know about you guys but I’m Sax-cited for this!

If you’re going, I will see you there! 😉

If not, check back here or if you’re on twitter, follow me (@mcdrewnis) and

 for updates on the #BorneoJazz 2012.


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