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August's Best Kept Secrets: Revealed

Three more days till the end of August…
And August this time around has been very “eventful” to say the least…
But then again, what would you expect when you start the month by submitting your resignation letter? 😉
And WOW!
I can’t believe I can be so darn secretive! 😀
Yup, it’s practically a month since I resigned…which means my one month’s notice is practically up.
And MOST of my colleagues only found out that I resigned THIS week, my FINAL week…hahaha…
It’s not that I didn’t want to tell them…It’s just that I didn’t know HOW
I only told my close colleagues, and even that was A WEEK AFTER I resigned…
Moral of the story: They should read my blog then they would have known the minute it happened. LOL! 😉
Anyways, needless to say, everyone was surprised when they eventually found out (one way or another)…even the Boss when I resigned…and my Manager when I informed her…and the Principal when I told him…
We’ve heard that kids say the darnest things right?
Well, so do Bosses…
My Boss (when I submitted my resignation letter) : You resign? You RESIGN? YOU RESIGN?! We increased your salary and you want to resign?!
But the Lady Boss has to take the cake.
Here’s what she said today when she found out I was going to Brunei…
“Follow your husband ah?”
When was I ever married to begin with?!
That goes to show how much you appreciate your staff…you don’t even know if they’re married or not…
I am glad I’ve leaving all that behind…
Enough said.
And apparently, sometimes STAFF say the darnest things too!
This happened a few months ago:
Pic(564) by you.
This is my colleague’s “cubicle”…
She obviously had too much time on her hand that day so she typed out this neat little message to share with us…
Pic(563) by you.
Since she wasn’t sitting down, I placed the message on her seat instead…
That piece of paper read:
Pic(562) by you. 
Anyways, my last day employed with my current Firm is this Saturday…the day after tomorrow…
I can’t believe it’s been 17 months (April 2007-August 2008)…
Time to move on baby…
Speaking of babies (and while I’m admitting I can be a bit secretive hehe) might as well get this baby out of the bag, though some of you were conveniently in Kuching to find out earlier… 😉
Copy of Pic(861) by you.
Picture taken on 06.08.08…hehe…
Copy of Pic(860) by you.
Now the odometer reads 23++… 😉
Copy of Pic(867) by you.
Oh yeah! I LOVE MY BABY… 😀

9 thoughts on “August's Best Kept Secrets: Revealed

  1. hehe.. speaking of being secretive, you haven’t told us why you’re going to brunei.. but guess you aren’t going to disclose it here..
    wow.. myVi.. are you going to bring it with you to brunei?
    Eh? That was never a secret…read my “announcement” again…I think I clearly stated why I’m going to Brunei leh…
    Yeah baby, that’s why I got it. How do u tell it’s a MyVi? Either u know how the interior looks or the manual in the last pic gave it away, which is it? 😉

  2. Wah got yourself a car – a MyVi … and even though drumsticks asked you.. I’m going to ask you again, bringing the new car to Brunei?
    Of course la…if not,why would I get it NOW that I’m leaving? And I asked drumsticks, and I’m gonna ask you – how do you know it’s a MyVi?

  3. ano num mo plz????????????

  4. wow…. a MyVi.. I knew it looked so familiar!!
    Anyway…. I have to agree with you that August is a very eventful month *HUGE SIGH*

  5. Nice! Got car! I go Brunei, u can take me makan angin hor?…What they gave u when u left? The chair? Hahahahahaha!!!

  6. ehehe.. every1 guessed it is a myVi!! 🙂 yeah coz am familiar with the interior, and of course the keys! Perdua ma!
    Read and reread your ‘announcement’ all you said was you’re starting work next month in Brunei. So your reason is to work there lo? cool.. save up and retire young. That’s what my doctor aunty and uncle did there in brunei, make so much money now retired goyang kaki play golf everyday in s’pore..
    you can do the same too hahaha

  7. Mar, doesnt it look obvious? hehehehe…well, good for u gurl…I wish I can do the same and work some where else…save more money and retire young (agree with drumsticks) 😉 If I resign, I’ll make sure my colleagues doesn’t know abt it…lol

  8. Sweet… a new car to go to a new place for a new beginning. Stopping by Sibu as mentioned earlier? STP and I can belanja makan nasi and you can belanja makan angin. Hahaha!

  9. Yakuza, say what?
    Cdason, yup. Vy inventful indeed. Don’t sigh..
    STP, haha..can,when u cmg? Chair ah? No,i got d piece of paper. Lol!
    Drumsticks,haha..then i guess i hv to practice golf? Lol!
    Man-D,obvious eh? Yea,im in brunei dy. X yet start work lah. Nxt wk. Make sure they x knw? That bad kah? Lol!
    Coral,oh..too late..nw in brunei dy. Nxt time i go sibu i claim that. Hehe.

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