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My attempt at writing a “novel” (so bear with me?) 😉


Foreword: The following story has everything to do with real life characters and real life events! 😀

Waking up that morning used to be one of her fave moments. It was like waking up on Christmas morning, knowing there was a treat waiting under the Christmas Tree…

But that morning, it felt like any other day. If anything, it felt like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed and that a terrible day was ahead! All the greetings in her inbox used to be enough to plaster a smile on her face all day. But this time, they did nothing at all…

It all began the previous night…the feeling of loneliness was so strong then. She could hear the deafening silence that was in her heart…and she would have spent the following day dwelling in her own feelings if it were not for some friends suddenly remembering that the following day was her birthday…

She was never like this before…

As soon as it was her birthmonth, she used to already be smiling and was practically on Cloud 9 almost the whole month through…but this year, she felt very different…She didn’t feel the excitement she used to…She didn’t even make it a point to acknowledge that “Hey! It’s May!” like she normally would…

Yes, that year was a real turning point…yes, “it is just a number”…but, it was a very significant one. The number told her that she had been alive and kicking for a more than a quarter of a century already and Yes, she was very thankful for that, but at the same time, it scared her! To look back at all she had achieved (and not achieved) in such a period was just…overwhelming. But most of all, it made her realise how lonely she was…to be without her loved ones, family and close friends by her side, especially on that day…and what of the future? She wondered…

Inspite of her feelings, she tried to be positive about the day. She decided, rather as an afterthought, that she would wear something different to work. She decided to wear a skirt instead of her usual pants. She turned quite a number of heads and received quite a number of compliments that day. It was a good feeling, albeit briefly. It also meant a lot to her that her close colleagues remembered her, wished her and gave her a gift. But the day was far from over and aching on really slowly to her disdain…But gradually, the many more wishes that came pouring in through sms, facebook and friendster managed to make her smile a little smile…

Fortunately for her, some of her friends the previous night had insisted that they made plans to celebrate. She really didn’t feel like celebrating at that time (which was so unlike her!) but they insisted so she consented, almost grudgingly. So after work, she went over to meet them. She was touched that they made an effort to inform a few others as well, and they too came. From feeling totally lonesome the previous day, the last-minute dinner plan turned out to be just what she needed! The company was nice. The memories, cherished. And by then end of the dinner, she felt better than she had all day…

How ironic that when she didn’t want the day to end, it was…

However, that dinner changed everything and the next day she was back to her usual not-miserable-self. She was glad her friends didn’t let her let that day pass by like any other day. If they had, she would have regretted it her entire life and her “miserableness” would have taken over…forever…But love conquered that, and for that she was truly thankful

A few late wishes still came in the following day and the best was the “surprise party” the same friends from the night before had planned for her…although due to her “miserableness” the previous day, they had accidentally let the “secret” out early…but still, she enjoyed the surprise – especially the unique and special “cake” they got – and everyone who was there.

And then icing on the cake?

When a father-figure unexpectedly gave her a birthday present

Indeed, she would never forget the emotional rollercoaster that was her birthday that year.


P.S. So, how was my “novel”? 😉

P.P.S To everyone who remembered…THANK YOU for saving me from myself… Mwah!

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  1. Uhh… nicely said…. I felt like I was reading a real tale….. btw, ur birthday past already ka??
    I get confused when reading novels…hahah
    Hahaha…yeah! My birthday is like SOOOO past already…LOL!

  2. owww… so sweet the way u write it..
    glad its a happy ending.. with the surprise party that changed u from a miserable day to a memorable day..
    that’s what friends r for rite? cheering u up when u need it most.

    Yeah…thanks for all the wishes from far away as well… 🙂

  3. I did wish you, didn’t I? See! I’m not like the rest. Hehehehehe!
    HEAR YE! HEAR YE! LET IT BE KNOWN that STP did wish me…hahaha…

  4. nah nah nah .. tua dah! bila mok belanja???

    COME here la…

  5. hey mar, ur tagged!!
    WOW already?! I just got the chance to properly online. LOL! Ok, will check it out after I’ve caught up with all I’ve missed…hehehe

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