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Shoot 'Em Up!!!

It’s late…
I gotta be sleeping now so I’ll just let you see for yourself what I’ve been up to today 🙂 :-

This is our instructor demo-ing how to pose whilst holding a Marker.

This is me demo-ing where NOT to point your Marker!

Gearing up…(I love the vest – ‘cos it looks cool…hehe…)

*choke* I hate this neck guard thing…but we have to wear it. (We wouldn’t want some nasty “lovebites” now do we? 🙂

I wasn’t scared…Do I look scared?…I wasn’t…Was…maybe a bit at first but not when we started shooting dy. LOL.

The troopers off to war…4 vs 4

FIRST game: “Here’s the game plan….just shoot em up!”

Hiding behind the bunker, waiting for the moment to strike…

“Survivor”…with a shot on the chest???

Unmasked! : Tired. Very.

The Battlefield. It was raining heavily mid-way so we took a breather before resuming the SECOND game…(we played after it slowed to a drizzle). LOL.
So, my conclusion: Paintball is freakin AWESOME!!! (The instructors even said I was really good and invited me to play with the Big Boys (pros.))…hehe…so, anyone out there wanna shoot some balls? 🙂 Gimme a call.
After the game, we had an early seafood dinner at Teo Seafood, Kpg. Buntal. (FYI, Kpg. Buntal is famous for its cheap seafood.)
The food: Nice.
The view:


…and all was possible cos of her (the “organizer”)…
Oh yes, she was also responsible for “killing” me in the 2nd game. LOL.

3 thoughts on “Shoot 'Em Up!!!

  1. paintball!!!! can shoot ppl’s butt!!!! wer is this place mar? and how much do u pay?

  2. Butt??? U can shoot ppl anywhere!!! LOL…
    The place…not far from Pasir Pandak there, 1 game is RM50 (100 pellets/bullets, marker, vest, face mask, neck guard)…but play 2nd game cheaper…RM17.
    U interested? Lain kali,I ajak u play, u want? 🙂

  3. […] Mt Santubong (although not to the summit) and trying a hand at – and doing a great job at it too! – Paintball – 2 of many things I always wanted to try! – was simply awesome!!! And I am looking forward to more […]

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