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Sibu cars can swim?

I was in Sibu over the previous CNY week (29th Jan – 4th Feb) and I’ve never seen such sight!
Roads became rivers in the old town area. When my older bro said this was “normal” during the early months of the year, specifically during CNY, I was shocked. If it was normal, then shouldn’t something be done about it? Like building cars that can swim? Cars weren’t meant to trudge through water as a norm. I saw some cars die at the side of the road as the engine drowned due to the flood cum high tide river waters. The higher vehicles (4WDs etc.) were less at risk to that but that didn’t prevent them from shedding their front car registration plates while cruising the waters. Saw at few Hilux-es without their front plates.
Too bad I didn’t take any pics of the roads of rivers. I’m sure you can find some on the local Sibu bloggers blogs. Right STP? 😉
Anyways, the whole family was in Sibu for quite a number of days this time around but believe me, it wasn’t a vacation. Far from it! We had a LOT of errands (mostly involving shopping) to be done and unfortunately, going around Sibu is kinda restricted due to the flood. Another factor is that its CNY and most shops are closed for the long weekend, but we had to make do with what we could.
We arrived in Sibu on the 29th evening so it was pretty late to do much. So the following day, my older bro, Mom and I went to shop for electrical appliances while my Dad and 2 younger bros stayed to tidy up the house. My bro (who was well-versed in most of the roads in Sibu) took us to CL Khoon near the Bus Terminal. There we purchased a refrigerator, washing machine, rice cooker and a cooking hob. (FYI, we were furnishing our Sibu house as previously it’s mostly empty).
As most of the furniture shops were still closed, we then left for Sarikei, Bong‘s hometown. That trip to Sarikei took at least an extra hour as quite a number of roads were flooded so we had to turn around and find other ways. There, my mom and I paid a visit to my Uncle’s family while my bro had work to attend to. We arrived back in Sibu kinda late so no more errands for the day. The electrical appliances we bought were already delivered to the house when we got home. Soon after, this time my 2 younger bros came along, we went to Farley for some grocery shopping and I stole away just long enough to sample the roti telur at the new Farley Foodcourt with an old friend who lived nearby there.
The following day, only Dad stayed behind to continue with the house-cleaning (of course my grandparents and my bro’s family were always there) while the rest of us when out. This time we went to So Nice Furniture in Delta Mall but the choices were kinda limited and we didn’t see any item we liked. If we did, it was kinda pricey so we decided to check out other places first. It was close to noon that time and we were hungry so when STP suggested E-cafe nearby where the Sarawak Laksa is good, we wanted to try it but alas! We couldn’t find the place! So we settled for Chicken Rice at Chopsticks Cafe instead which was nice. Really STP, the directions to E-cafe you gave us is just so confusingly not understandable! LOL! 😀
Then we went to a hardware store near Chopsticks and I purchased a DRILL! BOSCH too! Now that was totally something I never expected that I would buy but we needed it to install curtain rails and etc so yea… 😉 After that, we went to Sg. Merah (which my bro thought was aka Sg Antu) and just headed into a furniture shop that was open – Mewaru. They didn’t offer the type of modern furniture we were looking for so we only purchased 2 wardrobes for the bedrooms. We have 3 bedrooms but my younger bros haven’t decided on any piece for their room.
So anyways, we went home after that as the built-in kitchen cabinet constructer wanted to scope out the kitchen. After entertaining him and all the business-huha, the whole family (minus grandparents) went to Sunset Mass at St. Mary after which we had a family dinner at STP’s fave, Ruby Restaurant. Of those that STP recommended, we only had Butterscotch Prawns (pic below) and Mayonnaise Pork Ribs.

Butterscotch Prawns: Apparently a must for most Sibu bloggers! Delicious! (Photo from Cibol‘s)
The others (like the Cheese Baby Kailan and Cangkuk Manis with Egg) were unavailable due to the flood. So we had Pandan Chicken (pic below), Tauhu Soup and Mixed Vegetables.

Pandan Chicken: Nice! (Photo source: Alvin Chong)
I didn’t take any pics of the dishes cos they were gone the minute they were placed on the table! 😀
5 dishes for 7 people totalled RM105. STP said to mention his name and the tauke will give special price, so I did and he said he would charge more. =_=” Haha. And whilst we were already out, we rushed to SenQ, Delta Mall 1/2 hour before shops closed just to see a potential buy before we went home.
The next day, after the wardrobe from Mewaru arrived, my3 bros and I went off to Farley area where there were 2 furniture shops side by side. We browsed around and saw some pieces we wouldn’t mind but it was vital that Mom decided whether its deal or no deal so we went back home to fetch her. Long story short, we got 2 dining sets (1 six-seater and 1 small 4-seater) and a divider shelf from Wanda. After that we dropped by Sing Kwong where I bought my youngest bro a new pair of white shoes as he was going to register at my ex-school the next day…which was another errand we needed to attend to during that week.
Anyways, after that, we went to SenQ again (Delta Mall seemed to be a fixed destination every day!) where we got a cooker hood and then with STP’s sms as our guide, we found Sg Antu where the 2 big furniture shops were located – Courts and Chan. Unfortunately, Chan was already closing so we could only check out Courts. After the previous purchase, all that was left was the main piece – the TV cabinetand there were only 2 potentials at Courts and there were 2 problems. Both didn’t have stock so if we wanted it, we would have to take the display piece. And both display pieces weren’t exactly in their best shape. But then, for one of the piece, the sales assistant there insisted that since it was a display piece, they were willing to sell it to us (after discount) for just RM120!
Now, after being to almost all the furniture shops in Sibu, we know very well that such a price could never buy you any piece of proper furniture. But since she insisted that that was the price, we told her that if it were so then we would take it. Now we didn’t really2 want the piece but we just had to confirm the price as it was just unbelievable. And true enough as we expected, when it came time to prepare the invoice via their sales system, RM120 was not the price. RM120 was the discount amount. So the price is the actual price less RM120. Duh! As we expected all along! So we left the shop without making the deal but not surprised that we proved her wrong. Haha. 😉 Gosh! Furniture shopping is so tiring we have to go all out just to find some amusement in it. LOL!
After that, we went back to Delta Mall (see!) to check out So Nice again as my older bro did not join us the previous day. This time around we decided that the piece that we kinda liked wasn’t as nice as we first thought (as I said, we were all furniture Pros dy!) and was not worth the price so that was aborted. So whilst my older bro assisted my Mom to do some grocery shopping, I took my younger bros to try out Kokoberry. Would have love to meet the owner but according to STP she was out of town. The drinks were nice! 😉
And the following day was a Monday. Officially, it’s back to school/business. We left Sibu at around 7am and were caught in a jam as people went back to work and send their kids to school. About an hour later we arrived at my old school…

Front Gate: This wasn’t how it looked 9 years ago…
A few of the buildings have either been renovated or repainted since I left the school 9 years ago but other than that, its pretty much the same. Well, apart from the fact that this time I was no longer a student and 3 of my classmates then were now teaching there! Got to barely meet up with 2 of them and hopefully next time we can sit down and really catch up instead of the hit-and-run this time k! 😉
Anyways, we immediately went to the admin office to meet up with the PK1 and my youngest bro who was to register was turned away as the PK1 said he needed to get a hair cut. Haha. Now that we did not expect! So, off we went to the nearest town of Bintangor where he got his hair cut, and then we all had breakfast before going back to the school.
The second time round, the PK1 gladly accepted my youngest bro to the school and based on his results, assigned him to Pure Science stream. The next step was to meet with the PK(HEM) who just happened to have taught me and STILL remembered me! I was secretly pleased. I must’ve been a really good student for him to remember. Or a really bad one! Wakakaka! 😉
It was conveniently recess time then so we went up to the staff room to meet his class teacher and he got his textbooks. And then, we had to see him off to his dormitory before we left so we met up with the Principal to obtain her permission to pull out a specific student/prefect from his class to escort us to the dorm. Permission granted and 3 prefects escorted us! The one we specifically requested for was our cousin. 🙂
So, since the dorm is a little way away from the admin building, an admin staff who also escorted us, told us to bring the car there. So my bro obliged and drove his car there (with my youngest bro’s things inside) while the rest continued on foot. At a glance, the dorm is as expected and after putting his things into his new room, we left. Unexpectedly however, due to the rainy season, as my bro was turning his car around, his rear tyres were caught in the really muddy slope….

Slope + Rain = Mud Trap
Everyone (including the 3 prefects) tried pushing the car out of the mud but apart from getting our hands (and clothes!) dirty, it was to no avail. The 3 prefects and my youngest bro went off to class and the rest of us are stuck. Long story short, after about more than an hour, my Uncle from Bintangor came to give the car a pull with his car then only did the car budge. Had it been stuck any longer it would probably become like this vehicle we saw near us:

Wonder how long this has been here?
It was nearly end of school time already. We quickly left the school and stopped for drinks with my Uncle and Aunt before immediately going back to Sibu as we had lots more errands left and limited time.
Upon arrival in Sibu, we immediately did banking errands (rushing against banking hours!) and how ironic that while we wanted to open a bank account for Mom, it appears as if everyone in Sibu also wanted to open an account too! The queue was endless, and not to mention the ATM card problem, we were there till way past banking hours! We even witnessed some nasty wind-breaking-glass incident at the bank too! Gosh.

No prizes for guessing which bank was involved ok? 😉
Finally done with banking errands, we were all flustered but we still had the TV cabinet to look for. So we went back to Sg. Antu and fortunately Chan was still open. We quickly decided on a piece that we liked and bought it then and there. I’ve had enough stepping into furniture shops to last me for the next couple of months! Ya think?
Finally. All the shopping bit is done.
The following morning, the dining sets and divider from Wanda were sent over to the house and we just stayed home cleaning up and redecorating. In the afternoon, my older bro and family went back to Kuching so they didn’t get to see the TV cabinet from Chan arrive. After that, the rest of us went out for a quick dinner and then went grocery shopping at Farley. And the following day, me, my Dad and other bro left for Brunei…

End of Phase I: The Living Room Area
Phew! Did you actually read all that? If you did, then you will know that when I said I was busy, you can see my hands were tied! So forgive me for not being able to specifically find the time to meet up with you guys in Sibu. Hopefully next time, it won’t be so hectic when I’m there. And also, NOT flooding please. LOL!

5 thoughts on “Sibu cars can swim?

  1. Wah!!! So interesting your trip to Sibu! Well, Kuching was flooded badly recently but you were not there…and places like Limbang, Lawas, Baram….look ever worse-hit! I did not bother to go out because of the flood – better to play safe and stay high and dry! Can’t understand those people – they must think their cars could swim!!!
    Ooo…the house looks nice! When are you coming again? Hopefully good weather and no flood this time!…Btw, you did not meet Bongkersz in Sarikei meh?
    Nah, he didn’t even reply my sms. Maybe he was playing safe and stay high and dry too. LOL! Yea, heard that Kuching badly flooded too but then again, it appears all of Borneo is experiencing that this time around. Even Brunei, where usally nothing ever happens, is badly hit by flashfloods and landslides…
    Thanks! Took us several days and lotsa furniture-browsing to finally decide all that. And the transformation isn’t yet 100% but that was as much as we could achieve over the limited time and resources (didn’t know electrical stuff and furniture could cost so much!!!) for now. My next trip to Sibu, don’t know yet…see when it is opportune to take long leave! As I said last time, now that my Mom and bro is there, you can expect me to frequently drop by. Hehe.

  2. People got dahling with him mah!!! He came to Sibu, did drop by my house…but next day, went visiting – got other friends…already lupa liao lor!!! Didn’t even bother to ask me if I wanted to join them and the group did not visit my house either. Never mind, next time you come – on drier days and we can meet up then!
    Eh, I thought you’d be happy his group no visit you…if not have to give ang pow nia…wakakaka!!! Yeah, next time should be better. Weather has greatly improved here. Hw abt in Sibu?

  3. eventful and interesting trip u had.. 🙂 oh btw, if its always flooding in sibu, how do ppl visit, ‘bai nien’, during cny?
    Maybe they swim? haha…don’t know la. I know not EVERYwhere is flooded but for those that are, I have no idea. Maybe STP can explain?

  4. Nice tv..looks familiar!
    Would look better with your LCD! 😉
    P.S. Hebatnya Yale pandai online! Hehe…Bila pg Sibu lg?

  5. man.. such a long post.. only managed the smk maradong so far.. will continue to read later.
    Anyway, i have around 30 classmates.. I know 6 are teachers, while others are on the lookout for a chance to be one.
    Haha…Yes, its a very long post…come back and finish what you started!!! 😉
    And I don’t keep track of how many of my ex-classmates (including during Primary school) are now teachers.

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